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7 Ways to Get the Most from Day-Old Bakery Specials

Put some green back into your wallet by taking advantage of your supermarket's day-old bakery products.

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Cinnamon Rolls Baked in a Cast Iron Skillet with Cream Cheese Icing on a Cooling RackShutterstock / viennetta

Cinnamon rolls

There’s nothing quite as irresistible as a just-baked cinnamon roll, but don’t discount those no-longer-fresh rolls. There are plenty of decadent ways to give day-old bakery classics a second life. Prepare a twist on French Toast casserole by subbing in buns for bread, or use them to make a bread pudding—add orange zest or caramel sauce to make this the ultimate (and easiest) comfort food.

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Chocolate cookies on wooden tableShutterstock / beats1


When it comes to day-old bakery cookies, the world’s your, well, cookie. You can crumble them up and use this later as a topping for ice cream or milkshake mix-in (these crumbs can be frozen to increase longevity), or turn the crumbs into pie crust. Want to beat the summer heat? Keep the cookies intact and make them into an ice cream sandwich.

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Round Warm Everything Bagels Ready to EatBrent Hofacker/Shutterstock


We think a morning started with a fresh bagel is a perfect one, but the day-old baked good can be just as delicious. For a classic bagel with cream cheese, revive your beloved breakfast by brushing a bagel with water and putting it into a 325ºF oven for three to four minutes. For a savory breakfast staple, cut the bagel into chunks and bake with bacon or sausage, cheese, and egg for a quick, flavorful casserole.

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Sponge Cake, fresh blueberries and strawberries.Shutterstock / RoJo Images

Angel food cake

You hit the gold mine: angel food cake in the discounted day-old bin, perfect for whipping up a trifle. Cut the cake into chunks, warming them in a low oven before layering them with whatever strikes your fancy: whipped cream, fruit, or custard. Feel free to give your imagination full reign with the flavors.

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Freshly baked bread loaves on burlap dark wooden background.Shutterstock / Life morning


We’re devoted to bread, which is why we refuse to give up on even the toughest baguette. To make a day-old loaf taste freshly baked, run it under the tap until thoroughly covered with water and pop it into an oven preheated to 400ºF for about 10 minutes. Of course, it’s also just as good when made into breadcrumbs, croutons, French toast, or a cheesy breakfast strata perfect for the next time you host brunch.

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Delicious donuts in box on blue wooden backgroundAfrica Studio/Shutterstock


We live by a simple maxim: never throw away a doughnut—and now you won’t have to. Take your day-old doughnuts and stick them in your panini maker. Grilling them will warm them and help bring out their flavors, giving a new spin to breakfast or an indulgent option for dessert when you top with ice cream, syrup, or jam (or all three).

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freshly baked blueberry muffins with an oat crumble topping on a natural wooden boardDanny Schwarz/Shutterstock


Like many day-old baked goods, muffins are extremely versatile. Turn them into a trifle or bread pudding, or crumble them and use as a topping for fruit salads or yogurt. The crumbs can also be used as a crust for a variety of pies and tarts.

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