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13 Stunning Ideas for Dark Kitchen Cabinets

White and bright kitchen cabinetry is on its way out, while dark greys, blues and greens are phasing in. Start picturing the heart of your home in a new way with one of these dark kitchen cabinet ideas.

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Kitchen Cabinets in ColorImageFlow/Shutterstock

Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Dark Side

The pendulum has officially swung from light cabinets to darker ones. Hues as deep as black are becoming more popular in kitchens because they provide more depth than an all-white space. Without enough contrast, white kitchens can feel dull and even lifeless, but darker tones help to bring some vitality and energy to the design. The jury is still out on if darker cabinets are easier to clean, but anyone with white cabinets can tell you that they aren’t so easy to keep spotless, either.

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Blue cabinetsvia

Feeling Blues

Blue cabinets are one of the most favored colors on the darker side of the paint palette. Depending on what you’re going for, your kitchen can have a soothing Southwestern, French or seaside feel without the nautical craze of years past. This particular shade draws an intense richness from the copper backsplash tile.

If you want to paint your own cabinets from white to blue, then follow this how-to guide.

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Teddy Edwards Brooklands rangevia

It’s Easy Being Green

Blue’s younger cousin green is increasing in popularity, but not quite at the same pace—yet. Emerald tones are covering plenty of new and remodeled kitchens now, which provides a beautiful opportunity to get the bright copper or gold hardware you’ve always wanted.

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Grey kitchen cabinetsvia

Dark and Stormy

Gray tones have become the new neutral in recent years, but in the kitchen, that gray has stayed closer to the silver side. Now, stormier and ashier grays are being favored—and they’re a perfect combination. The hue has the calm of a neutral tone but the liveliness of a bold one. And, it’s easy to put your DIY skills to work by adding fun decor in a complimentary accent color.

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Wooden cabinetsAndjeIV/Shutterstock

Mix and Match

Mix and match is all the rage in every room, including the kitchen. It’s on trend to mix and match paint colors, materials and finishes. The different styles of cabinets pictured here come across as sophisticated, clean and elegant. But if sophistication isn’t your taste, change it up and combine a cobalt blue with a deep wood tone for a rustic, yet modern, vibe.

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Open kitchen shelvesMonkey Business Images/Shutterstock

Draw Attention to Open Shelves

Nothing opens up a space quite like open shelving. Over the past few years, open shelves have become a popular way to increase ease in the kitchen and display dishware or mason jars filled with cooking staples. Dark cabinets paired with a clean white subway tile do an excellent job showcasing the quality of the shelf and the items that adorn it.

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Smokey grey cabinetsALDECAstock/Shutterstock

The New Perfect Match for Butcher Block

Butcher block countertops look beautiful against any shade of cabinet, especially these smoky gray ones. The combination of warm and cool tones makes for a perfectly balanced spot to cook your perfectly balanced meals! While butcher block countertops are staying around, granite is making its way out.

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Sleek and modern cabinetsPeshkova/Shutterstock

Sleek and Modern

While minamalism might be phasing out on a large scale, you can’t deny the sleek effect that these black cabinets give. In a way, this kitchen design turns the dial up on the dark cabinetry trend by adding darker walls. For those who love the modern look, don’t worry, your favorite style isn’t completely going away!

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Pantone Radiantvia

Pantone Radiant

Countless combinations exist for color matching, and where better to exemplify that truth than in your cabinets themselves? This kitchen takes the basic two-toned mix-and-match to a whole new level. Very subtly, a unique rainbow of cabinet colors can become a conversation piece. It’s quite a creative way to sneak more color into your home.

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Dark Wood for the Color Aversevia

Dark Wood for the Color Averse

Sure, painted cabinets may look nice, but if you’re one of those people who can’t part with a natural wood tone, you’re not alone. Plenty of folks want to stick with the wooden aesthetic of traditional cabinets. Steer clear of golden and honey oaks of yore and you should be all set!

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Bright blue cabinetsImageFlow/Shutterstock

Get Artistic by Going Custom

As more young homeowners either build or remodel kitchens, they’re looking to do what they’ve done their whole lives: customize. By choosing a shade of paint for their cabinets, they can create a kitchen they know will be entirely different from everyone else and it will reflect their personal style. These multi-toned green cabinets paired with a beautiful and bold stone backsplash showcase the homeowner’s artistic taste.

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Navy cabinetsvia

Blue in the Mind of Julia Child

If you were to imagine Julia Child cooking in an idyllic French countryside kitchen, then this might be it. We had to include two blue-colored cabinet ideas because it’s just too difficult to try to illustrate the blue cabinet trend with one photo.

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Multi-colored island cabinetsLois GoBe/Shutterstock

Draw Focus to the Island

Color popping islands are a great way to test if you truly like a dark cabinet color… although our guess is that you’ll love it so much, you might go to bed dreaming of a kitchen done entirely in darker colors.

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Originally Published on The Family Handyman

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