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13 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween This Year

Wondering how to celebrate Halloween this year? These cute ideas will help you plan the spookiest season ever.

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Grandfather and grandson carving a pumpkinJose Luis Pelaez Inc/Getty Images

Carve Pumpkins

One of the oldest fall activities in the book, pumpkin carving is a great way to spend an evening. Lay down some newspapers and let everyone prep their pumpkins. (We have some great ideas here). Don’t forget to roast the seeds, too, for a salty snack! 

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Classic Halloween Gift Cratevia

Send Treats to a Loved One

If you have a kiddo away at college or a far-flung friend, make their day by sending some Halloween treats. We recommend a Halloween gift crate from Harry & David, a “Boo Box” stocked with candy or a Sugarwish that lets your recipient pick out all of their favorite sweets.

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Scary-movie night with grandparentsGEBER86/GETTY IMAGES

Host a Family Movie Night

On a chilly evening, there’s nothing better than putting on some cozy PJs and snuggling together for a family movie night. Set out some snacks—like this Creepy Candied Corn, Pumpkin Snack Mix and Pretzel Puppy Chow—then queue up a favorite film. Our top picks? Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas or Halloweentown. (They’re all available on Disney+).

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Costumed dog on a trick or treating adventure with kidsAleksandarNakic/Getty Images

Organize a Socially Distanced Costume Parade

One of our favorite parts of Halloween is seeing all of the creative costumes. (We’re big fans of these foodie outfits). Give everyone a chance to don their scariest, sweetest or silliest looks by organizing a socially distanced costume parade. Invite neighbors, pets and loved ones to walk (or drive) down the block at a specific time.

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You've Been Booed Printablevia PaprikaPaperie/

“BOO” Your Neighbors

Spread some Halloween cheer by “Boo”-ing your neighbors. The concept is simple: fill a bag with candy, small toys, Halloween cookies or other treats and drop it on a neighbor’s porch with a “You’ve Been Booed” sign. Then, enjoy watching the holiday magic spread down the block.

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Taste of Home

Whip Up Some Spooky Snacks

Nothing’s scarier than feeling hangry! Curb your appetite (and your sweet tooth) with these adorable Halloween treats. They’re easy enough for the kids to help make, and they’re a great addition to other activities on this list. Short on time? Bake a batch of everyone’s favorite Pillsbury Halloween cookies. (We won’t judge).

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Caucasian girls in Halloween costumes eating candyJose Luis Pelaez Inc/Getty Images

“Trick or Treat” Around the House

If your neighborhood event was canceled, set up a bowl of candy in each room and let the kiddos “trick or treat” their way through the house. You could also hide sweets outdoors in mini pumpkins similar to an Easter egg hunt.

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Small brother and sister playing around with their mother in their home during Halloween nightFluxFactory/Getty Images

Tell a Scary Story

Whether it’s an urban legend or a haunting personal experience, everyone loves a good scary story. Gather up the family and take turns telling spooky tales—bonus points if you do it in the dark!

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children at a Halloween party eating applesMichael Lacivita via Reminisce

Revisit Past Halloweens

We can’t be the only ones who love flipping through old photos! Dust off your albums and take a walk down memory lane. It’s fun to revisit past costumes, parties and more. By the way, here’s what Halloween looked like the year you were born.

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Two boys, brothers, watch movie on a laptopJakovo/Getty Images

Stream Halloween Fireworks

If you’re a Disney fan, enjoy a digital fireworks show from Mickey’s Not-So-Spooky Halloween spectacular. It’s the perfect way to unwind and help everyone get in the holiday spirit.

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Cheerful young black mother and cute son with Afro hairstyle standing at counter and preparing paper decorations for Halloween with pleasuremediaphotos/Getty Images

Get Crafty

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to decorate your home for Halloween. Just turn to these DIY decorations that are easy and fun to make with the family.

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Garlic Pizza Wedges; Vampire Killer Martini; Opener; Party Scene; Opener Spread; SpookyTaste of Home

Plan a Themed Dinner

While a full-blown party is out of the question, put your planning skills to work and organize an intimate gathering with close friends and family. We have dinner ideas featuring witches, ghosts, monsters and pumpkins.

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Cheerful Father With daughters celebrating Halloween At Home. They fooling around and wear costumes, father holding them on his knees and take selfie for social networkssvetikd/Getty Images

Sit Back and Relax

There’s nothing wrong with simply enjoying quality time with loved ones. This is the perfect year to forget about making an elaborate costume or throwing a massive Halloween bash. Just sit back, relax and enjoy all spooky season has to offer.

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