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10 Things at Costco You Can’t Buy Anywhere Else

Costco is synonymous with big deals and bulk shopping! We rounded up the best things you can buy—only at the superstore.

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Charred rotisserie chicken over open flames in a barbecue.Flugklick/shutterstock

Costco’s $4.99 Rotisserie Chicken

Costco’s well-priced and super-juicy poultry is legendary. Though you can find other rotisserie chickens for $5, the superstore’s are bigger, weighing in at three pounds cooked versus other store’s skimpy birds that often weigh half that! The tasty chicken has reached cult status and Costco is reportedly building its own production facility focused on just fowl.

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Glass bowl with olive oil on dark backgroundAFRICA STUDIO/SHUTTERSTOCK

Costco Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This kitchen staple can be pricey yet it’s something we use daily, which is why it makes sense to buy in bulk. We love that Costco’s own olive oil brand has been independently rated as the top in its class, getting high marks for its great taste and low price. Don’t forget to check out the best things to buy at Costco.

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Costco Sheet Cake

Whether for your next family birthday or an upcoming work or holiday bash, Costco’s ever-popular sheet cake is a serious steal, serving 48 people and ringing in at just $29.99! One of its sheet cakes even weighs more than a newborn baby, tipping the scales at 9.5 pounds. The cultish cakes are even taking over the wedding industry with savvy brides now serving them up at their weddings, making these pastries a truly sweet deal.

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Costco Private Label Wine

Did you know Costco sells more wine than any store in America? Even better, it boasts its own in-store label, Kirkland. And the bargain-priced line of vino is perfect for having on hand. The Kirkland offerings are expansive featuring wine from France, New Zealand, Italy and beyond. Popular faves include their signature champagne for less than $20 and the 1.5 liter of Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc which prices out at just $7.99 a bottle. Here’s why you should always buy wine at Costco.

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Costco Travel

Costco has its own travel agency, offering travels deals from around the globe. The travel department tends to focus on packaged hotels, cruises and rental cars, which can save you hundreds of dollars. It also has a rotating number of “$499 and under deals,” so it’s good to check often.

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Costco Gas

The mega-chain opened up its first gas station in 1995 and has been pumping away for almost 25 years. Costco offers competitive prices for its “top-tiered” gasoline, some reports say the cheapest in the country. Bonus: the stations are always staffed with an attendant for easy help. Do you know the best time to go to Costco?

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Costco Optical

Costco Optical offers a full range of eyeglasses and eye exam services, and a club membership comes with a free test. With its own private label of glasses, the whole experience is easy, affordable and stylish. Better yet: Costco takes most insurance and you don’t need to be a member to enjoy the savings.

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Costco Toilet Paper

This is Costco’s bestselling item! The superstore makes about $400 million dollars in profits from its famous two-ply. In fact, Costco’s TP is quality tested before it hits the shelves. And inspectors even use a special tool to test its level of whiteness! No wonder Costco sells over a billion rolls a year, which is enough toilet paper to wrap around the world 1,200 times.

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Costco frozen berriesPIXEL-SHOT/SHUTTERSTOCK

Costco Frozen Berries

From pastries to smoothies, frozen berries are important to have in your freezer. Nutritionists recommend buying organic, when possible, because berries (especially strawberries) tend to have more pesticides. Enter Costco’s own package of organic berries. You can score a 4-pound bag of organic frozen berries for just $9.50, an amazing deal.

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Costco Bacon

As we know, all bacon is not created equal. But Costco’s own Kirkland brand is known for its crisp factor and delicious, smoky-rich flavor. Are we making your mouth water? We suggest stocking up on a four-pack, which is a steal for 64-ounces costing you around $15.

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