How to Throw a Christmas Caroling Party

Spread holiday cheer throughout the neighborhood with Christmas carols, festive crafts, sips and snacks, and more.

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Have a Holiday Singalong

A Christmas caroling party is easy to organize—all you have to do is invite your friends and sing! Christmas carols spread cheer to both your party guests and your neighbors. Creative crafts and festive snacks make the celebration extra special. To keep your party humming along, consider the following tips.

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Make a Plan

Choose your route in advance. In the event of bad weather, consider caroling in a nearby nursing home or hospital—residents will love that you remembered them.

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Layer Up

‘Tis the season—let it snow! But remind guests to dress for the weather, especially if you live in an area with cold winters. Consider having a tote of extra hats and mittens for those who might need them.

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Craft Your Own Snowman Pins

These adorable snowman pins will light up the night in style.

What You’ll Need

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Battery-operated tea lights (buy them here)
  • Small puff balls
  • Card stock in black and red or green
  • Seasonal embellishments
  • Seasonal ribbon
  • Pin backs
  • Hot glue gun
  • Black marker

For earmuff option: Cut pipe cleaners for headband, about 2½ in. Hot-glue band over top of tea light. Hot-glue puff balls on ends of pipe cleaner.

For top hat option: Cut top hat shape out of black card stock. Cut small strip of red or green card stock for hatband. Hot-glue strip on hat. Add any seasonal embellishments as desired. Hot-glue hat onto top of light.

Cut a 9-in. ribbon for scarf. Hot-glue middle of ribbon to lower back of light. Wrap ribbon over itself in front, making a scarf. Hot-glue where needed to keep in place. Trim off excess. Draw on face with marker. Hot-glue pin back to back of light.

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Hand out Songbooks

How many of us know all the verses of “Deck the Halls”? Make some some songbooks—or download this one—so singers can follow along. Print the pages on cardstock, back to back, so you can fold the songbooks neatly.

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Create Your Own Rhythm Section

Bell wristlets allow guests of all ages to jingle along to every tune. They also make a festive favor for friends and family to take home at the end of the Christmas caroling party to hang on their tree—they’ll look great next to these vintage ornaments.

What You’ll Need

  • Red and green jingle bells, various sizes
  • 12-in. pipe cleaners
  • Seasonal ribbons

String jingle bells on pipe cleaner, alternating bell sizes. Use all one color or alternate between red and green bells. Leave 1 in. on each end of the pipe cleaner. Curve pipe cleaner into a circle and tightly twist ends over each other. Cut off ends and tuck any sharp parts under the circle. Tie ribbon onto circle, and then create a loop long enough to fit a wrist through. Tie knot at top of ribbon and trim any excess. Add any additional ribbon as desired.

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Bring the Kiddos

Let little ones pick out their favorite songs, ring doorbells and greet the neighbors. Everyone will be filled with Christmas spirit when they hear your joyful carols! These Christmas traditions from our childhoods deserve a comeback.

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Don’t Forget the Food!

A few tasty caroling party snacks, and something to sip, like homemade eggnog, will be a welcome reward after singing. Come in from the cold and warm up with food and friendship.

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