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Our Favorite Charcuterie Board Books

Whether you want to create tapas-inspired small plates or extravagant tabletop spreads, we compiled the best charcuterie board books in every category.

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Beautiful Boards Bookvia merchant

Beautiful Boards

by Maegan Brown

Beautiful Boards has a gorgeous photo for each board that it features, ingredients that are easy to find in your local grocery store and clear instructions for assembly. This book is a great overall guide to all styles of food boards. It features whimsical themed boards like a Unicorn Board and a S’mores Board. Speaking of dessert boards, you’ll never need a birthday cake again once you try this birthday board.

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Taste Of Home Boards Platters And More Bookvia merchant

Boards, Platters & More

by Taste of Home

With boards for practically every meal and ingredient (looking at you charcuterie butter boards), it’s hard to know where to start. Whether you’re looking for fresh board ideas or styling tips, look no further than Taste of Home‘s own Boards, Platters & More book. It goes beyond the board basics with 50+ ideas, recipes and styling guide for each. And yes, little ones get in on the fun with kids charcuterie board ideas, too. Plus, it covers ways to build boards for practically every holiday (Charcuter-tree, anyone?). Bring on the boards!

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The Art Of The Cheese Plate Bookvia merchant

The Art of the Cheese Plate

by Tia Keenan

The Art of the Cheese Plate is a great charcuterie board book for flavor pairings and classic charcuterie board recipes. It explains the tasting notes of specialty cheeses, so that you can wow your guests with your cheese knowledge. Some of these specialty cheeses can be difficult to find, but the tasting notes are written in a way that allow for you to make substitutions if necessary. Grab one for yourself and as a cheese board gift for your charcuterie-obsessed bestie. Read more about our best tips for making cheese boards.

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Around The Board Bookvia merchant

Around the Board

by Emily Delaney

Around the Board is a great charcuterie board book for seasonal spreads. It contains 50 unique board assortments, focusing on charcuterie board recipes rather than recipes for accompaniments like dips or crackers. If fresh and delicious board recipes are what you’re looking for, this is a great option—just like our fresh fruit boards for summer.

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Big Boards For Familiesvia merchant

Big Boards for Families

by Sandy Coughlin

If you have a house full of picky eaters, Big Boards for Families is your guide to big spreads with lots of customizable bites. It contains over 50 nontraditional boards, including Weeknight Ramen Board and Mediterranean Shakshuka Board. This cookbook prepares you to feed a crowd at holiday gatherings and unique events. Learn how to make our most impressive holiday cheese board.

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Graze Bookvia merchant


by Suzanne Lenzer

Graze focuses on globally-inspired tapas, which is a Spanish take on small plates or appetizers. It features irresistible recipes like Pecorino pizza slivers and lemon-lavender posset and is written in a blog style with countless stories from the author’s life. If you want to expand your cookbook collection, this list of the best cookbooks is sure to come in handy.

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That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life Bookvia merchant

That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life

by Marissa Mullen

That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life includes a genius method that it uses with each recipe—it also provides clear instructions for assembly that include detailed placements and a simple shopping list. The book also focuses on the importance of charcuterie board making for creative-expression, much like we find in these easy-to-make, gorgeous salami roses! Don’t miss our cheese board ideas for building the best spread ever.

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Vegan Boards Bookvia merchant

Vegan Boards

by Kate Kasbee

Vegan Boards is broken up into two sections—The Boards and The Recipes. This cookbook features recipes like Vegan Beer Cheese Dip and Beet Hummus. Although meat-lovers might not love these meatless boards, it is a great charcuterie board book for guests with allergies and certain preferences. By the way, read up on these foods that you never want to serve vegans.

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Platters And Boards Bookvia merchant

Platters and Boards

by Shelly Westerhausen with Wyatt Worcel

Platters and Boards contains 40 recipes that are structured around different meal times. Its introduction includes a brilliant key on how to build a board “without a recipe,” so it empowers you to be original with your charcuterie board creation. Get creative with these individual charcuterie boards for any occasion. Once you’re ready to get started, check out our list of the best meats for your charcuterie board.

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The Cheese Board Deckvia merchant

The Cheese Board Deck

by Meg Quinn

Merging the information of a book with the ease of cards, The Cheese Board Deck is an entertaining must. This best-of-both-worlds deck features 50 ideas for everything from a build your own hot dog board to an Italian antipasti platter. We love the convenience of the cards, too. They’re easy to toss in your purse for a trip to the grocery store or display on the counter while styling a board. Genius!

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Savor Bookvia merchant


by Kimberly Stevens

If you’re looking for a charcuterie board book that features recipes for cheese board accompaniments, such as tiny pickles or baguettes, Savor is the one for you! It’s also full of expert tips and ingredients like “aged cheese of your choice” for easy customization. Don’t miss our tips for how to make a charcuterie board perfect for any party.

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On Boards Bookvia merchant

On Boards

by Lisa Dawn Bolton

With 52 boards and 52 individual recipes, On Boards features beginner-friendly ingredients that you likely already have in your pantry. The author focuses on creating recipes that are low-maintenance so that you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your loved ones.

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Spectacular Spreads Bookvia merchant

Spectacular Spreads

by Maegan Brown

A sequel to Beautiful Boards, Spectacular Spreads is a collection of themed spreads that are large enough to cover a table. They are also dense enough to provide a full meal, so they shouldn’t be served as simple appetizers! It includes helpful details about using leftovers, doing meal prep and maintaining portions sizes. It stands out as a charcuterie board book for its unique themes like Luau Birthday Party and Bruschetta Bash. Get creative with this sweet chocolate charcuterie board.

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Easy Charcuterie Boardsvia merchant

Easy Charcuterie Boards

by Marco Niccoli and Aubrey Niccoli

Easy Charcuterie Boards is a great starting point for the new charcuterie board designer. It includes a handy breakdown of different charcuterie meats and how they are made as well as the essential elements of a charcuterie board. With over 30 board designs, this book sticks to cured meats, artisan cheeses and their best drink pairings. Although it is not designed for unique board arrangements like pancake and waffle breakfast boards, you’ll love its timeless pairing recommendations. Also check out our cheese board pairings to take your spread to the next level for more inspiration.

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