Here’s a Casserole for Every Single Day This Year

Put your casserole dish to work this year with 365 amazing casserole dinner recipes. From zucchini pizza casserole to Thai peanut chicken casserole, you'll never get bored!

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January Casserole Recipes

What’s keeps the January blues away better than these fresh-from-the-oven casseroles? Nothing!

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February Casserole Recipes

Show your casserole dish some love by making these recipes, like a grilled cheese and tomato bake, Sunday chops with stuffing and cordon bleu casserole.

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March Casserole Recipes

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a casserole dish! Check out our best-loved corned beef casserole recipe, plus 30 more.

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April Casserole Recipes

Fill your menu with tasty casseroles like tuna noodle, short rib cobbler and lemony chicken with rice.

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May Casserole Recipes

Round out spring with fresh casserole recipes like antipasto bake, chickpea potpie and eggplant casserole.

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Baked Nectarine Chicken Salad
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June Casserole Recipes

Recipes like baked nectarine chicken salad, zucchini lasagna and cheeseburger ‘n’ fries casserole make it easy to welcome summertime!

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July Casserole Recipes

Get a month-full of festive casserole dishes that are just waiting to be taken to your next summer potluck.

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Fold-Over Tortilla Bake
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August Casserole Recipes

These dishes, like artichoke spinach casserole and Tex-Mex summer squash casserole, are worth turning on your oven in August’s heat.

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Spicy Chicken and Bacon Mac
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September Casserole Recipes

Getting dinner on the table on busy school nights is a breeze thanks to these easy casserole recipes.

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October Casserole Recipes

Get a scary-good dinner with any of these convenient casserole recipes.

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November Casserole Recipes

Cozy up with recipes like a cheesy pizza casserole, New England lamb bake and more.

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December Casserole Recipes

These casserole dishes let you keep it simple throughout the holiday season so you can focus on friends and family.

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