6 Best Candle Subscription Boxes [Tested and Reviewed]

Updated: Jun. 13, 2024

A candle subscription box (or "candle of the month club") is a fun way to explore new scents. They also make excellent gifts for candle lovers! We tested eight different options to find the ones worth trying.

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Few things add extra luxury to a room like a high-quality scented candle. Not only does it add a nice ambiance, but a good scent can transform any space from a snore to a spa-worthy oasis. While you can pick up a scented candle at the grocery store, it’s not a great way to explore one-of-a-kind scents. Budget candles also don’t burn as cleanly or offer as much fragrance as gourmet options. The solution? A candle subscription.

Like a traditional gift of the month club, candle subscriptions typically offer one or two mystery scents per month, delivered right to the recipient’s door. A candle subscription box (or “candle of the month club”) is an excellent way for scented candle newbies to explore bespoke scents. Luxury candle lovers can also benefit from topping up their stock with the latest trendy scents and display-worthy vessels. In addition, they make great gifts for folks who are already obsessed with candles. It’s the scented gift that keeps on giving!

There are many candle subscriptions out there, from budget options to truly luxe finds. Our team of candle-obsessed shopping editors tested eight different options to locate the best of the best. We chose six of our favorite options to feature, including subscriptions for every occasion at various price points.

Fire up your candle warmer lamp or strike a match. These are the best candle subscription boxes for candle lovers.

Vellabox Candle Subscription Box


  • Three different subscriptions
  • Surprise gift each month
  • Very inexpensive, considering the quality
  • Giftable packaging
  • Includes a variety of candle brands


  • One scent per box

A candle subscription that’s affordable, flexible and giftable may seem like a white whale, but we found an option that truly does have it all. Our pick for the best overall candle subscription is Vellabox. Vellabox offers very flexible subscription options, parsed out by candle size. Choices include a four-ounce option, an eight-ounce option and a behemoth 16-ounce option.

Our favorite aspect of Vellabox is that each included candle comes from a different candlemaker each month, meaning that there’s no limit to the number of scents and brands you get to try. Plus, regardless of size, each box comes with a curated gift to accompany the candle.

Vellabox Candle Subscription Box

Senior Shopping Editor Katie Bandurski has been a Vellabox customer ever since trying them for her Vellabox review. In that time, she has received a number of candle companions, from gourmet lip balms to an eco-friendly mini scrub brush. “I’ve received many Vellabox boxes over the years, and they’re all high quality. I’ve found so many amazing scents (hello, pear and brandy), and I love to give them as gifts,” she says.

Subscriptions cost between $12 and $30, depending on your chosen candle size. For the price, we find Vellabox to be an incredible value for gifting, enjoying and exploring new scents. They’re also very well packaged to prevent breakage, and each comes in a pretty fabric pouch that elicits “oohs” and “ahhs” from potential giftees.

Paddywax Candle Bar

Best Variety

Paddywax Candle Bar


  • Beautiful vessels
  • Approachable scent blends
  • Pretty packaging
  • Free shipping


  • Sizes and scents are random

While some folks prefer a predictable candle subscription that always comes in the same branded vessel, others prefer more of a “surprise” aspect. Paddywax’s Candle Bar offers in-person candle-pouring workshops for those living in Nashville, Denver, Charlotte, Reston, Durham and Carlsbad. However, thanks to their at-home kits and candle subscription, it’s possible to enjoy their diverse scents without hopping on a plane.

The Candle Bar’s candle subscription offers a wide range of approachable soy wax scent blends. Potential scents include fresh Meyer lemon, wild fig cedar, violet vanilla and eucalyptus santal, among dozens of others. The packaging is eye-catching and pretty, and each comes in its own stylish, repurposable container. While the size and number of wicks vary, each month’s shipment is guaranteed to be display-worthy.

Paddywax Candle Bar

“For April, I received a three-wick; in May, I received a sizeable one-wick. Both came in really pretty vessels that can be reused after burning,” says Katie, who tested the box. In addition, first-time subscribers enjoy an additional gift (anything from candle accessories to free candles) with their first shipment and a free gift during their birthday month. They also offer free shipping, which is the cherry on top.

“I like that the vessels are stylish and go beyond basic jars,” says Katie. “It’s a great subscription for home decorators!”

Brooklyn Candle

Best Scents

Brooklyn Candle


  • Scents are seasonal
  • Great scent spread
  • Fair pricing
  • Matches included
  • 1-, 3- and 6-month subscriptions


  • Packaging is rather plain

Some folks are okay with burning a pumpkin spice candle year-round (guilty), yet others prefer sticking to seasonally appropriate scents. Brooklyn Candle heard that plea. Their subscription box delivers recipients a new seasonal candle each month in its own attractive, sizable container. Simply choose between their 1-, 3- and 6-month subscription options and enjoy scents like Japanese citrus in the summer or woodland pines in the winter.

“The quality seems very nice and the fragrance is potent but not too overwhelming where it gives me a headache,” says Editorial Coordinator Sydney Manning, who tested the subscription. Sydney’s candle, a springy lavender in a pretty purple container, brings just the right touch of floral to her living room. In addition, each box contains a branded box of matches.

Brooklyn Candle

We found the price point affordable and were impressed by the cardboard fortress the candle comes nestled inside for protection. It’s an excellent way to find your new favorite scented candles for summer or a thoughtful “thank you” gift for your bestie.

“For the quality and fragrance of the candle, the price is a steal,” says Sydney. Subscribers can also splurge on the slightly costlier “deluxe” box with a travel candle tin in a complimentary scent.

Siblings Candle Subscription Box

Best Eco-Friendly



  • Eco-friendly
  • Wicks and wick holder included
  • Lots of different scent categories
  • Potent, interesting scents
  • Bags are microwavable


  • Vessel not included

While I love the idea of a candle subscription, I already have so many mostly burned candles that bringing more into the fold feels excessive. Enter: the Siblings candle subscription. Unlike other candle of the month clubs on this list, Siblings doesn’t offer mystery candles in branded vessels. Instead, this DIY kit focuses on reusing old candle holders rather than creating more waste.

Recipients begin by choosing a scent category. Choices include best sellers, seasonal, spa, citrus, forest, sweet woods, fresh and fruity, floral or a “surprise” category that pulls from any of the above. From there, Siblings sends out a package every three months containing three bags of wax with different scents, wicks, wick holders and a matchbox. Recipients then heat up the wax (either via the convenient microwavable bag or on a stovetop) and use the wick and wick holder to pour their own candles into vessels they already own.

Siblings Candle Subscription Box

I’m a total candle snob—ask anyone in my life. It’s rare to enter my apartment and not find at least one candle burning at any point in time (apart from when I’m sleeping, of course!). This subscription is perfect for folks like me who appreciate eco-friendly alternatives and already have a ton of mostly used candles that no longer have a purpose. I love that it allows me to reuse old candle vessels rather than adding more glass to landfills!

Additionally, these scents are potent and unique. In my box, I received a eucalyptus, balsam fir and wildberry blend and a bergamot, white rose and oakmoss scent. Both are very fragrant and made my apartment smell amazing as I poured them into a couple of used Glade candle containers. Siblings includes a booklet with their shipments that provides pouring instructions, scent information and helpful information for choosing a vessel. While I typically use my own electric candle lighter, the matchbook is a fun touch that elevates this to a gift-worthy option.

Slow North Subscription Box

Best for Gifting

Slow North


  • Beautiful, branded packaging
  • Includes both new and favorite scents
  • Plantable dust protector included
  • Well-protected during shipping


  • Pricey

It’s no secret that candles make excellent birthday presents and comfort gifts. A candle subscription takes that to a new level by introducing recipients to a new scent every month. When shopping for a gift-ready candle club, it’s important to consider packaging and presentation—and that’s exactly where Slow North excels.

Arriving in a secure box with beautiful branded tissue paper and a big shiny sticker, Slow North’s candle club is as luxe as it is exploratory. Like other candle clubs, Slow North offers a new or favorite mystery scent every month, with potential picks ranging from floral to fresh, warm or woody. Most are a blend of two or more scents, making these one-of-a-kind options appealing to candle fanatics and newbies alike.

Slow North Subscription Box

One of my favorite aspects is the dust cover that comes with the candle. Not only does it successfully protect the candle during shipping, but it’s also eco-friendly. The biodegradable paper cover comes dotted with seeds and instructions on how to plant them in a garden. I love that you can remove it before lighting your candle and plant it for a beautiful bloom of wildflowers!

I received an eight-ounce soy candle in the scent “lemongrass and tangerine.” It’s a bright, summery scent that lends itself well to sunny afternoons spent sipping cocktails with my girlfriends. Each hand-poured candle comes in its own frosted glass container that blends with most decor styles. The candle burns cleanly and, with proper maintenance, lasts through up to 30 hours of burn time. That’s plenty of candle to get me through the month until my next shipment!

Smelly Club Candle Subscription Box

Best for Exploring

Smelly Club


  • Very affordable
  • Fun, eclectic scents
  • 1-, 3-, 6- or 12-month subscription
  • Secure packaging
  • Smaller 7.5-ounce size


  • Scents may not be for everyone

While some seek a candle subscription service that offers tamer scents, others want to fill their home with the smell of “unicorn puke,” “crazy cat lady” or freshly brewed coffee. That’s where Smelly Club comes in. Each shipment of these delightful scents includes a hand-poured candle from the Burlap Bag store in Texas with a silly, conversation-provoking name.

“This is a good pick for someone who likes variety and doesn’t mind wacky candles,” says Senior Shopping Editor Caroline Lubinsky, who tested the candle subscription. While she wasn’t wild about the buttery “Makin’ Biscuits” scent, she does appreciate that it’s much more eclectic than something you’d find in a traditional candle selection.

Smelly Club Candle Subscription Box

At only around $20 per month, these nine-ounce fantasy and food-scented candles are a total steal. You don’t even have to pay for shipping! Each candle arrives in an attractive amber glass jar and boasts a burn time of 50+ hours. They’re also biodegradable and free of pesticides, phthalates and herbicides. We love that this family-owned business fills a niche: candle lovers with a sense of humor. I feel seen!

Other Candle Clubs We Tested

  • Wickbox: We had high hopes for this popular pick. However, our tester was disappointed in the lack of documentation or information explaining the candle, and they noted that it didn’t burn as cleanly as they expected for a 100% soy wax candle. Plus, despite the claim that you can fill out a scent profile, they were never given the option and ended up with a scent they did not like. Bummer!
  • Nest: Unfortunately, just prior to this piece going live, Nest discontinued its candle club. We loved the luxe look, gift-ready packaging and overall quality of their candles. Maybe someday we’ll see the club return, but for now, we left it off our list.

What to Look for When Shopping for Candle Subscription Boxes

When shopping for a monthly candle subscription, first consider what you’re looking for in a subscription. If you’re a candle newbie, focus on subscriptions that introduce a variety of scents at a lower price point. This will help you get a feel for what scents you like without wasting money each month on options you’re not too crazy about.

If you’re a tried-and-true candle lover, look at subscriptions that offer bespoke, luxury scents for a break from the usual department store options. Focus on candles that include real essential oils and soy wax rather than paraffin for better scent spread and a cleaner burn. Many companies also offer monthly DIY kits that let you choose your own vessel, which is a great way to recycle used candles.

Those shopping for a candle subscription as a gift should look at options that come in gift-ready boxes and pretty vessels for a more luxe feel.

How We Found the Best Candle Subscription Boxes

We first researched as many candle subscriptions as we could find online. We then narrowed our picks to eight highly rated subscriptions that spanned a range of price points and styles. From there, four candle-crazy editors brought the subscriptions into their homes to test.

We evaluated each option based on the following criteria categories:

  • Packaging and shipping
  • Variety
  • Quality and inclusions
  • Value

Overall, we collected about 136 data points within those categories, which earned each candle subscription a score from one to 20. This list includes only boxes we feel are a good value for the price. In addition, we followed all practices for making a candle last longer to assess burn time and scent longevity accurately.

Why You Should Trust Us

I’m a home decor enthusiast. I also work full-time as Taste of Home’s Shopping Editor, in charge of gift guides and testing new and delicious finds like snack subscriptions and cheese clubs. Our shopping team has decades of combined experience recommending the best products to readers. For this piece, we tapped our team’s candle enthusiasts and tested eight candle subscriptions in our homes.


Is there such a thing as a candle of the month club?

Yes! A candle of the month club (also called a candle subscription box) is a great way for candle lovers to explore scents. They also make the best gifts for candle lovers and those who enjoy decorating their space. Candle clubs typically offer a single mystery scent each month, shipped directly to the recipient’s door. The candles can be ready-made or DIY options that the recipient creates with their own vessel.

Are Vellabox candles safe?

Like most scented candles, Vellabox candles are not toxic. Vellabox uses 100% soy wax rather than paraffin in its candles, giving them a cleaner burn with less soot and emissions.

How do you make a scented candle last longer?

A little-known fact is that candles require more maintenance than simply lighting them. There are lots of best practices for making a scented candle last longer, but the biggest tip we have may seem obvious: letting your candle burn.

Waiting until the surface of your candle is fully liquified prevents “candle tunneling,” or the buildup of wax along the candle walls that won’t burn down. Another way to achieve this is by investing in a candle warmer lamp, which melts the entire surface of the candle and helps it last much longer.

Another common issue is candle wick mushrooming, which can make relighting a candle difficult (or even unsafe). This happens when wicks are too large for the candle and don’t burn off all the way or if the wick points directly upwards rather than at a soft angle. While it’s impossible to prevent mushrooming, the solution is simple. Just trim the mushroomed cap from your wick before relighting your candle. Easy peasy!