51 Crazy-Delicious Burger Toppings You Need to Try

Burger toppings just got a whole lot more exciting. Fire up the grill, grab your spatula and get ready to wow 'em with these outrageously delicious ideas.

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When the weather gets hot enough to grill, you know summer barbecue season has arrived. And what better way to greet it than with a nice juicy burger?

Shoot for the stars this Memorial Day, Labor Day or any day in between, and try something new. The sky’s the limit when it comes to these burger toppings. So slap on that ‘Grill Master’ apron and get to work!

Round out your meal with a few summer salads and a no-bake dessert.

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Whiskey Bacon Jam

You can slather this whiskey bacon jam on pretty much anything, but nothing beats it as a burger topping. It offers a great change of pace while still maintaining a smoky flavor.

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Pickled Red Onions

Onions are a classic burger topping. But what about pickled onions? The difference, apart from the bright pink color, is that pickled onions bring a sweet and tangy flavor to your burger.
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Onion Rings & Lemon Sauce

You’ve had onion rings on the side for far too long. It’s time to cut out the middle man and put them right on your burger! People do the same with fries, and this technique adds way more crunch.
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Gruyere & Egg

Something about an egg in a burger just screams brunch. With a garlic aioli spread on top, it’s truly a dream. If you’re someone who likes ketchup on eggs, give that a try here too!
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Cowboy Candy (Candied Jalapenos)

Yeehaw! This spicy and sweet condiment is about to change your life for the better. Be wary that this topping is less spicy than plain jalapeños, but if you’re into a pickled taste, you’ve gotta try it! All parts of this can be used, including the syrup.
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Celery, Blue Cheese & Hot Sauce

Hot sauce and bleu cheese were made to go together. And you already use celery as a vehicle for dip, so why not put it in the mix! The celery adds a satisfying, cooling crunch that contrasts great with the biting hot sauce.
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Memphis Barbecue Sauce

Homemade barbecue sauce takes a meal from good to great. Not that there’s anything wrong with jarred barbecue sauces, but adjusting to you and your family’s taste goes a long way! And this Memphis sauce is no exception. Having this staple in your pantry can transform your summer burgers.
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Chili dogs are already such a big part of summer so it only makes sense that chili burgers would be too! French-fried onions are also a fun alternative to just regular onions. They feel more like crisps with a bolder flavor.
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Imagine yourself by the pool with a coconut in one hand and this aloha burger in the other. Pineapple may be a debate on pizza but there’s no question when it comes to this burger!
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Hoisin Sauce

For more of an Asian-inspired burger, try this hoisin sauce! Gingerroot and garlic go a long way to create a burger with a strong but unified taste.
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Romesco Sauce

Let me introduce you to your new favorite sauce. This is a “goes on everything” type of recipe but we like it best on a classic burger. Every restaurant has a special sauce or a secret sauce that becomes a staple of the place. How cool would it be for your home to have its own signature sauce, too?
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Feta & Cucumber Sauce

TikTok showed us the power of feta in pasta. It was about time it made its way to burgers! These Greek-style burgers have a mayonnaise-cucumber topping that’s only made more delightful with some olives.
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Bourbon Peach Jam

Are you the type of person who mixes their popcorn with M&M’s at the movies? Then this is the burger topping for you! It’s the perfect combination of savory and sweet.
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Chunky Ketchup

Ketchup is already an elite condiment but this chunky version provides the one thing plain ketchup is missing: texture! With green peppers and onion, it almost resembles a salsa.
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Chutney, Mustard & Lime Sauce

The secret to this recipe is the tangy mango chutney, but the arugula adds a special wow to the plate. If you eat this on a turkey burger or a non-traditional burger, it adds extra moisture.
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Pickled Sweet Peppers

There’s a reason the creator of this recipe called it “summer in a jar”. It’s the perfect introduction recipe to canning!
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Horseradish Cream Sauce

This horseradish recipe will quickly become your go-to topping for burgers, roasts and prime ribs alike! It’s light and airy but it packs a punch with the mustard and vinegar.
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Jalapeno Poppers

These absolutely massive jalapeño popper burgers are topped with tomatoes and guacamole. These add a freshness to the otherwise spicy and smokey burgers.
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Cranberry Ketchup

It may sound like a strange combination of flavors, but once you try it, you won’t want to go back to regular ketchup as a burger topping! The tart condiment can be stored for up to three weeks.
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Spicy Berry Sauce

There’s nothing more American than a burger! These sliders have tomatoes, white cheddar and blueberry sauce for a red, white and blue effect. They’ll be a hit at any Fourth of July or Memorial Day party. Or just as a fun summer meal!
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Spinach Dip

Spinach dip as a burger topping just makes sense. While there’s little crunch in this burger, the richness and freshness from the tomato are very inviting. It seems that anything that can go on a chip also fares well for burgers: salsa, guacamole and now spinach dip!
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Pickled Carrots & Daikon

For a lighter burger, you’ll want to try this Asian-inspired pickled topping. It’s tart, crunchy and a bit spicy from the jalapeño peppers. A lot of burger toppings rely on deep, rich flavors that leave you feeling a bit heavy. But with this simple topping, you’ll still have room for dessert!
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Spicy Bavarian Beer Mustard

This spicy beer mustard is a great pivot from your usual mustard. And you can use any leftovers for chips, pretzels and hot dogs!
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Apple Slaw

Apples and burgers isn’t a combination you hear about often. Neither are apples and slaw for that matter. But this sweet and rustic recipe will soon make its way to your heart, and stomach!
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Sun-Dried Tomato Mayonnaise

For the most part, people are already putting tomatoes and mayonnaise on their burgers. So why not combine them? With just two ingredients, you can really make it your own!
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Secret Sauce

I’ll let you in on a secret: this sauce! Similar to McDonald’s mac sauce, the main component is thousand island dressing. Think of this as a homemade big mac, without the extra bread.
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Buffalo Mayo

Buffalo wings are delicious, with cool ranch to tone down the spicy sauce. This burger topping mixes buffalo sauce and mayonnaise for a similar effect. Step a bit outside your comfort zone and try it out!
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Pickled Sweet Onions

The great thing about onions is that they’re not seasonal. You can make these pickled onions year round! But you probably won’t crave them more than you do in the summer.
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Dr Pepper BBQ Sauce

This recipe is everything you want from a sauce and more. While you can put it on any barbecued meat, don’t miss out on a burger.
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Jalapeño Jam and Gorgonzola

You had us at jalapeño jam! The jam is mixed in the burgers in this recipe, but it can just as easily be put on top. The burgers are then topped with caramelized onions and tangy Gorgonzola cheese.
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It’s like Christmas in July! These pesto burgers topped with red peppers and mozzarella cheese are a quick and easy way to pivot from the traditional American cheese and pickle toppings. They’re colorful, fun and great for both kids and adults.
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Tomatillo Relish

Tomatillo is more acidic and less sweet than tomatoes. But when combined with peppers, like in this relish, it can have quite the kick. This burger topping is addictive!
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Garlic Lemon Butter

This lemon butter is light and refreshing. Burger buns toasted with this butter will make the perfect accompaniment to a tall glass of lemonade.
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Zucchini Pickles

Nothing beats a nice, crunchy pickle. If you make them yourself you can ensure the best quality pickles for burgers or for eating them straight out of the jar!
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Chicago-Style Hot Giardiniera

This versatile topping is the real deal. Any Chicagoan will tell you it tastes just like what they serve in restaurants!
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Favorite Bread & Butter Pickles

This beginner’s canning recipe is a great way to enjoy summer to the fullest. You’re already eating jars of pickles anyway, might as well make them yourself!
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Spiced Maple Mustard

If you’re a fan of maple bacon, then you’ll definitely get a kick out of this mustard. This special homemade condiment is flavored with maple syrup, allspice and turmeric. It’s smoky and sweet!
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Peach Mayo

Not putting fruit on your burgers? Ugh, as if! This peach mayo is a great introduction to the world of savory fruit condiments. If you like this, try it with nectarines next!
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Ever torn between eating tacos or burgers for dinner? Not anymore! With a bit of sour cream, these mess-free burgers will be a hit with friends and family.
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There’s a reason why ‘olive juice’ sort of sounds like ‘I love you’. These olive burgers are for those who can’t get enough of them.
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These burgers are a take on the real Cuban sandwich with ham and Swiss cheese. It’s a simple combination that works wonderfully with beef and plant-based burgers!
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Bacon and Fried Onions

These cheeseburgers are topped with crispy bacon and fried onions. Talk about a crunch! You’ll never want to go back to soft onions again.
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Fry Sauce

This spicy ketchup and mayo blend is a fast food lover’s dream. Put it on fries, burgers, even chicken if you want! It’s so versatile you’ll always want to have some at the ready.
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Spicy Ketchup

Get ready to go grocery shopping because you’re going to be making this all the time! This homemade ketchup is made spicy with chili sauce and paprika. You can omit the chili sauce if you prefer a more traditional ketchup.
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Garlic Basil Butter

A burger with a buttered bun is incredible, but a burger with a garlic basil buttered bun is out of this world! This underrated topping is sure to make its way to your next cookout.
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Bacon & Goat Cheese

Sweet and savory burgers tend to lean more in a brunch direction, but this maple bacon burger perfectly toes the line between all meals. The goat cheese really sends it over the edge in decadence.
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Potato Chips and Onion Dip

This poolside burger take chips and dip one step further. And what better choice than onion dip? It’s creamy, crunchy and packs that zing you’re looking for in a burger.
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Homemade Spicy Hot Sauce

The carrots are the secret ingredient of this hot sauce recipe. With hot peppers, carrots, onions and garlic, you’ll wonder how you didn’t come up with it first!
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Sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing

These burgers are topped with a sauerkraut mixture and Thousand Island salad dressing. It resembles a reuben with a bit more flair!
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Cuban Chimichurri

This fresh Cuban sauce works great on a steak but wait until it hits a burger. With lime, red pepper flakes and balsamic vinegar, you’re going to try putting it on everything!
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Mushroom & Swiss

This mushroom Swiss burger recipe is perfect to make on the stovetop or the grill. It’s a classic combination for a reason!