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15 Cute Birthday Cake-Inspired Recipes

From waffles and cold drinks to freezer pops, here are the most clever ways to rework a birthday cake's spectacular sprinkles and frosting!

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Easy Confetti Pie

Sugar-cone crumbs make up the crust in an easy-as-pie recipe with a no-bake confetti filling.

See what other colorful treats put the fun in Funfetti!

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Birthday Cookies

Birthday Cookies solve the problem when you have a no-plates serving situation, like a pool party. No cake slicer or server needed—just hand out these frosted beauties!

Psst… If you love cookies, you’ll want to see this.

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Birthday Cake Pancakes

Rise and shine! This stack of pancakes, made with cake mix and sprinkles plus a candle on top, is perfect for a special birthday breakfast. (This might even be a great start to a magical unicorn birthday.)
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Birthday Cake Martini

This adults-only birthday cake martini is the best of both worlds—sweet and Instagram-friendly. Plus, blogger Michael Wurm, Jr., went the extra mile with a rainbow sprinkle rim, which sticks well thanks to a sweet coat of honey.

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Chocolate-Glazed Doughnut Cookies

Find it tough to choose between doughnuts and cookies? With this recipe for doughnut-shaped cookies (they’re even glazed and sprinkled!) you get both in one sweet bite.

(Something tells us Joanna Gaines would love this, too.)

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Birthday Cake Freezer Pops

Deal with summer heat by cooling down with a big ol’ batch of these pops. Fold vanilla pudding, crushed golden-wafer cookies, sprinkles and whipped topping into paper cups and pop into the freezer for two hours. Voila!
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Birthday Cake Macarons

In the mood for some elegant French macarons? This delicate almond-flavored treat has pretty purple sandwich cookies topped with, naturally, sprinkles.

Know the difference between macarons and macaroons?

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Sprinkle Fruit Dip

This strawberry-yogurt dip (so good when paired with fresh fruit) takes things up a notch with sprinkles on top.
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Birthday Cake Protein Shake

This birthday-cake inspired recipe from The Skinny Fork—a “Cake Batter” Protein Shake—has 44g protein and, dare we say, it might be good for you!

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Confetti Cake Batter Cookies

Just like sugar cookies, but oh-so-much better because the recipe calls for a package of Funfetti cake mix! Thanks to a coating of sprinkles, these treats are definitely a must-have at parties.
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Ice Cream Cone Treats

These ice cream cones are packed with Rice Krispies treats and topped with rainbow sprinkles. It’s the perfect easy-to-share birthday treat!
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Cake Batter Cups

Don’t want to make a whole cake but still crave that birthday cake taste? House of Yumm’s Cake Batter Cups are your new best friend. Imagine a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, except it’s white chocolate stuffed with edible cake batter!

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Ice Cream Birthday Cake

It looks like a regular ol’ birthday cake, with frosting and sprinkes…until you slice into it! Then you see a yummy layer of ice-cream. (Hopefully it’s birthday-cake flavored, too).
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Marshmallow Pops

Easy to bring to any party, these marshmallow pops dipped in melted chocolate and rolled in sprinkles are also easy to serve. No mess or clean-up! Bonus—kids love to make ’em.
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Birthday Cake Waffles

Wake up to waffles on your birthday—or really, any day—with this morning treat. It switches out a plain waffle recipe for one using confetti cake mix and, believe it or not, is topped with cream cheese frosting. Yum!

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