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The Best Snacks for Each Zodiac Sign

Star light, star bright, which snack should you have tonight? Let the universe decide the best snacks based on your Zodiac sign.

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Aries: Spicy EdamameTaste of Home

Aries: Spicy Edamame

March 21 to April 19
With a personality as bold and daring as yours, Aries, you need a snack that’s fiery. This spicy edamame is exactly that! Coated in garlic powder, hot red pepper flakes and a touch of ginger for sweetness, it’s the perfect healthy bite.

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Taurus: Peach SmoothieTaste of Home

Taurus: Peach Smoothie

April 20 to May 20
You aren’t the bull sign for nothing, Taurus. While some call it stubborn, we call it determined and persistent—which means you don’t mind putting a little extra effort into your snack situation. The next time you want something sweet, whip up this perfect peach smoothie (or one of these other creamy concoctions).

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Gemini: Sweet & Salty Peanut Butter BitesTaste of Home

Gemini: Sweet & Salty Peanut Butter Bites

May 21 to June 20
A little bit of this, a little bit of that. When your sign is the twins, it’s tough to make up your mind about a late-night snack. These sweet and salty peanut treats will satisfy both sides of your craving.

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Cancer: Soft Giant PretzelsTaste of Home

Cancer: Soft Giant Pretzels

June 21 to July 22
The three words that best describe Cancer are caring, cozy and comforting. That just happens to describe these soft pretzels, too, which are so doughy and fluffy.
If you’re craving more quick comfort food, try one of these easy recipes.

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Leo: Pizza RollsTaste of Home

Leo: Pizza Rolls

July 23 to August 22
If there’s one thing Leos have, it’s passion—for everything from your dream job to, yep, pizza. To turn your slice into a snack that’s as playful as you are, fry up a batch of these deliciously cheesy pizza rolls.

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Virgo: Granola Trail MixTaste of Home

Virgo: Granola Trail Mix

August 23 to September 22
As a total Type A, you know exactly how you like everything, including your snacks. This granola mix is perfect for a Virgo—you can customize it with whatever ingredients you prefer. (We call dibs on the M&Ms!)

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Libra: Rosemary-Parmesan PopcornTaste of Home

Libra: Rosemary-Parmesan Popcorn

September 23 to October 22
You’re the person that all your friends come to when they need advice or a quick pick-me-up—so keep a snack meant for sharing at the ready. This rosemary-parm popcorn makes enough for you and your best buds.
From finger foods to dips, find more shareable snacks.

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Scorpio: Strawberry GelatoTaste of Home

Scorpio: Strawberry Gelato

October 23 to November 21
Embrace your romantic side, Scorp, with a snack that makes any night feel like date night. Sure, whipping up chocolate-covered strawberries every day might be unrealistic, but this homemade strawberry gelato is just as good when topped with a drizzle of hot fudge.

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Sagittarius: Indian Snack MixTaste of Home

Sagittarius: Indian Snack Mix

November 22 to December 21
You’ve got a major case of wanderlust, Sagittarius. Scratch that travel itch—without ever leaving your house—by snacking on something exotic, like this Indian snack mix that’s sprinkled with spicy curry powder and sweet golden raisins.

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Capricorn: Garlic Garbanzo Bean SpreadTaste of Home

Capricorn: Garlic Garbanzo Bean Spread

December 22 to January 19
No one’s as driven and determined as you are, Cap. And that means that when you have a goal, like eating healthier, you go for it 100 percent. Pair this good-for-you hummus with raw veggies or pita chips for a protein-packed snack.

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Aquarius: Orange-Ancho Spiced NutsTaste of Home

Aquarius: Orange-Ancho Spiced Nuts

January 20 to February 18
Hey, eccentric Aquarius! You’re known to think outside the box. Forgo the plain potato chips for something a little more unusual, like spiced nuts tossed with chocolate chips.

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Pisces: Princess ToastTaste of Home

Pisces: Princess Toast

February 19 to March 20
Snacks, but make it fashion. These sparkly slices appeal to your artistic eye (and perfectly match your Instagram aesthetic). Get creative in the kitchen with different colors, toppings and yes, even edible glitter.

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