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19 Best Food Brands, According to Our Test Kitchen

100+ products tested, our best loved brands revealed! Go behind the scenes with the Taste of Home Test Kitchen to find out more.

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Vanilla Ice Cream

Our Test Kitchen tried out 10 brands to find the absolute best ice cream brand. Trust us: This vanilla ice cream deserves a spot in your freezer.

Find out which brand you should be buying.

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Pancake Mix

Looking for the best pancake mix? Our Test Kitchen put 10 brands to the test to find the one you need for the perfect weekend breakfast.

You’ll flip for our favorite mix.

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We tried 100+ products to bring you our Best Loved Brands. This time, we searched for the absolute best bacon. Find out which brand had us wanting bacon morning, noon and night.

Find your new favorite bacon.

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Hot Sauce

Our Best Loved Brands testing is heating up! Our Test Kitchen tried 17 brands (yowza!).

Find out which product claimed the title of best hot sauce.

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You start every morning with a cup. Why not make sure that morning joe is the best coffee you can buy? Our Test Kitchen shares their top pick.

Find out if your favorite coffee is our best-loved brand!

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Strawberry Jam

We tried 11 kinds of strawberry preserves. Find out which is the best strawberry jam for toast, treats and more.

We have the answer here.

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Barbecue Sauce

Looking for the best barbecue sauce? Our Test Kitchen put 10 popular brands to the test.

Find out which took top honors in our Best Loved Brands tasting.

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For this blind taste test, we searched high and low for the best meatballs you can find in the frozen section. Don’t worry—we won’t tell Nonna.

Find out which frozen meatball tastes handmade.

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French Fries

In a test for the best french fries, our expert panel found the brands that you’ll want stock in your freezer.

Learn which fry ranked best.

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It’s one of our favorite dips for snacking, but do you really know what the best hummus is? Our Test Kitchen put ten brands to the test to find the one you should be buying.

Try our favorite brand! You’ll love it. (Promise!)

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Fish Fillets

Our Test Kitchen tried six brands of frozen fish fillets. Find out which ones are keepers.

We reeled in a good one!

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Mozzarella Cheese

Sliced, shredded or melted, cheese is our fave. Find out what our Test Kitchen thought after testing nine brands.

This is the best brand of mozzarella cheese you can find at the store.

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Ten salsa brands were put to the test. Find out the best salsa you should bring home for snacking, cooking and more.

Dip into our best salsa brand!

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Potato Chips

We launched a search for the absolute best potato chips. Find out which brand had us craving more than just one.

Discover a new favorite chip.

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Chocolate Chips

Our Test Kitchen tested 14 brands to find the absolute best chocolate chips—perfect for cookies, bars and tasty quick breads.

You’ll be surprised to hear our favorite brand!

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Brownie Mix

We tested 13 brands to find the absolute best brownie mix. Trust us: Our top picks are just as good as homemade.

You won’t want to miss this.

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Whether you eat it on the go, use it in tzatziki or a picture-perfect parfait, having the best yogurt is crucial for tasty dishes. Find out which brands our Test Kitchen loves.

Your new favorite brand awaits.

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Cake Mix

Want the best brands for your pantry? The Taste of Home Test Kitchen’s team of experts put 100+ to the test. This time they tried eight brands to find the best cake mix.

This is the brand we couldn’t stop eating!

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Make sure you’re baking with the best! Our Test Kitchen tried 100+ products to find our Best Loved Brands. Check out which brand claimed the title of best biscuits.

Get poppin’!