9 Cucumber Vodkas Made for Smooth Sipping

Ready to switch out your basic vodka for something a little more exotic? The cucumber vodka brands below are crisp, smooth, and refreshing—everything you want in a vodka, but with a fresh new taste.

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Pearl Cucumber Vodka
via pearlvodka.com

The Best Budget-Friendly Cucumber Vodka: Pearl Cucumber Vodka

Who says you have to splurge for a top-shelf experience? This Pearl vodka is just as smooth, tasty and mixable as the others, but without doing much damage to the wallet. Plus, its clean, simple bottle will look pretty sitting atop your bar cart (and here are some of our favorite tips for creating a great home bar).

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Prairie Cucumber Flavored Organic Vodka
via prairieorganicspirits.com

The Best Organic Vodka: Prairie Cucumber Organic Vodka

Farm-to-table isn’t limited to food. This farm-crafted, Minnesota-made vodka is free of chemicals, so you can feel confident you’re sipping the simplest version of vodka. While it’s great in a cocktail, we might drink it on its own to fully experience the flavor.

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Svedka Cucumber Lime Vodka
via svedka.com

The Best Complex Flavor Experience: Svedka Cucumber Lime Vodka

Cucumber plus lime is the flavor combination we never knew we needed. This bright, crisp vodka makes the perfect summer sipper, alone or in a mule (we also love mixing it in this mojito slush). And if sparkling waters are your thing, Svedka Cucumber Lime Vodka with soda water is a match made in heaven.

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Skinnygirl Cucumber Vodka
via skinnygirlcocktails.com

The Best Diet-Friendly Cucumber Vodka: Skinnygirl Cucumber Vodka

Watching your waistline doesn’t mean you have to completely forego fun drinks. This low-cal vodka is great with mixers like soda water for a satisfying drink you can feel good about sipping. It’s crisp, clean and refreshing—everything you want in a vodka, regardless of its health stats.

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Square One Vodka Cucumber Organic
via drizly.com

The Best Top-Shelf Experience: Square One Cucumber Vodka

Square One has discovered the ideal way to capture a cucumber’s fresh-from-the-field aroma and taste. They process it exactly the way you would flowers and plants in fragrances. The result is a certified organic American rye vodka that’s unmistakably cucumber-flavored from the moment you open the bottle. Find the best drinks to make with cucumber vodka.

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Ketel One Botanical Cucumber and Mint
via ketelone.com

The Best Refreshing Cucumber Vodka: Ketel One Botanical Cucumber and Mint

Cucumber and mint combine to create an out-of-this-world flavor that we’re perfectly happy sipping by itself, no mixers needed. With 40% fewer calories than a glass of white wine, plus no artificial sweeteners, you’ll immediately become a believer in this refreshing summer staple. See the other Ketel One Botanical we’re crazy about.

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Stolichnaya Cucumber
via stoli.com

The Best Russian Cucumber Vodka: Stoli Cucumber

If you’re of the opinion that only the best vodka comes from Russia, look no further than this robust, savory cucumber vodka from Solichnaya aka Stoli. It has an incredibly pure, natural taste—and we recommend pairing it with a fresh cucumber slice to add to the experience.

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EFFEN Cucumber Vodka
via effenvodka.com

The Best Mixing Vodka: EFFEN Cucumber Vodka

Oh, the drinks you can mix with this smooth, classic cucumber vodka. Whether you enjoy martinis, vodka sodas, Moscow mules or any other combination, this vodka provides just what you need to give your favorite drink a bit of a kick. It uses the essence of vine-ripened cucumbers, so you can taste the difference.

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Pinnacle Cucumber Watermelon Vodka
via pinnaclevodka.com

The Best Unexpected Flavor Combination: Pinnacle Cucumber Watermelon Vodka

Whether you’re at brunch, at the pool or just unwinding after a long day, this balanced, juicy vodka fits the occasion. You can create the most complex-tasting drinks (like our favorite Bloody Mary) by just combining a splash of this Pinnacle vodka and your favorite juices, resulting in a drink that tastes like it was labored over for hours.

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