The Best Cooking Spray to Use in Your Kitchen

Nonstick cooking sprays can revolutionize your cooking game with mess-free meals and flavorful food. Here are our favorites, whatever your noshing needs.

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PAM 100% Natural Fat-Free Original Canola Oil Spray - 8oz

Best Overall: PAM

Approved by our Test Kitchen, PAM original cooking spray ($4) has been one of the most iconic nonstick choices for decades—and for good reason. It reduces mess, so you can spend your time experimenting with new skillet recipes, instead of cleaning them up.

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Canola Oil Cooking Spray - 6oz - Simply Balanced™

Best Everyday Use: Simply Balanced Canola Oil Spray

A healthier alternative to butter, canola oil is a kitchen staple for cooking and baking. This organic spray ($4) lets you easily mist it over your dishes to stop food from getting soggy, and its neutral flavor makes it ideal for a variety of meals.

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Pompeian Coconut Oil Cooking Spray - 5 Ounce

Best Healthy: Pompeian Coconut Oil Cooking Spray

Versatile and heart-healthy, Pompeian coconut oil spray ($3) is loaded with antioxidants and healthy fats. With subtle notes of coconut, it’s perfect for pairing with foods like seafood (especially coconut shrimp) that are enhanced by tropical hints, and excels when used with baked goods or skillet desserts.

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Olive Oil Cooking Spray - 5oz - Market Pantry™

Best Flavor: Market Pantry Olive Oil Cooking Spray

Along with guaranteeing easier clean up, cooking spray helps seasoning stick to food, like veggies, so your meal is loaded with taste. Opting for olive oil spray ($2) guarantees even more depth and flavor.

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Professional Chef Cooks Flambe Style. He Prepares Dish in a Pan with Open Flames. He Works in a Modern Kitchen with Different Ingredients Lying Around.
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Best Alternative: Homemade

Whether you want to save money or know exactly what’s in your cooking spray, whipping up a homemade alternative is quick and easy. Stores sell spray bottles to be specifically used with oils: all you have to do is add your oil of choice, from canola to olive oil.

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Chosen Foods 100% Pure Avocado Oil Spray - 4.7oz

Best for Air Fryers: Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Spray

Is there anything the healthy avocado can’t do? Avocado oil spray ($5) is a vitamin-rich option that also boasts a high smoke point, making it perfect for air-frying. Lightly layer it over air fryer-destined foods, or use it on veggies and meats. Its light flavor makes it versatile, no matter what skillet meal you have in mind.

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Crisco Grill Master

Best for Grilling: Crisco Grill Master

Nothing beats a sizzling steak or savory burger, and this fat-free grilling spray ($6) lets you channel your inner grill master. Get fired up with these grill-ready recipes, without the fuss of difficult clean up after the meal.

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