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The Best Bloody Marys Across the Country

Looking for the best Bloody Mary around? We scoured the country for the biggest, prettiest and most outlandish Bloody Marys.

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Atchafalaya New Orleans, Louisiana

NOLA’s best brunch spot naturally happens to house the Big Easy’s favorite Bloody Mary bar, with three house-made bases, an impressive array of garnishes and at least a dozen hot sauces. It’ll be difficult but try to save room for a biscuit.

Psst! The secret to making the best Bloody Mary has nothing to do with the toppings.

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Russ & Daughters: New York City, New York

The sit-down cafe version of this Lower East Side deli staple has mastered the boozy brunch. They have four versions, but my personal fave is rye-infused vodka, topped with rye croutons and pickled vegetables.

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The Attic on Broadway: Long Beach, California

Hair of the dog combined with greasy food: it’s a hangover cure as old as time. And the Attic has perfected it with their Build Your Own Bloody options. The garnishes range from classic to completely over-the-top, like Slim Jim-stuffed olives or an entire BBQ pork slider.

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Water Bar: San Francisco, California

Come for the booze (and the incredible food), stay for the stunning views at this restaurant on the Embarcadero. That is, if you can pry your eyes off their Ultimate Bloody Mary, which comes topped with bacon, prawns, and cucumber.

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Monsoon: Seattle, Washington

Ask a dozen Seattleites their favorite rainy day meal, and at least half will tell you they crave a big bowl of pho. The Vietnamese soup is cheap, comforting, and extremely popular in Seattle. So there’s no better Bloody to represent the Emerald City than the one offered at Monsoon, infused with delicious, umami pho broth.

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The Evening Star Cafe: Alexandria, Virginia

This brunch spot just a few miles outside our nation’s capital took a childhood favorite—grilled cheese and tomato soup—and made it into a Bloody Mary topped with a tiny grilled cheese and bacon garnish.

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Smoke Daddy: Chicago, Illinois

Vegetarians and lightweights of all dietary persuasions need not apply for brunch at Smoke Daddy. Starting with their patented “Smokin’ Mary” base, the drink comes with a garnish of pulled pork wrapped in smoked brisket and a pony bottle of beer on the side.

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Boomtown Woodfire: Eveleth, Minnesota

You don’t have to worry about ordering food to go with your drink when tippling at Boomtown’s Acoustic Brunch. The garnish options on their Bloody Mary bar allow you to make your Sunday Funday beverage into a four-course meal.

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HEXX Kitchen + Bar: Las Vegas, Nevada

The Colossal Bloody Mary at HEXX, nestled within the Paris Las Vegas resort, is basically an entire all-you-can-eat buffet in drink form. It starts with basil-infused vodka and gets topped with pickled veggies, beef stick peppers, bacon, a jumbo shrimp, and an Alaskan king crab leg. Talk about hitting jackpot!

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Scorpion Bar: Boston, Massachusetts

This Mexican-inspired brunch menu offers up a traditional Bloody Mary made with lime vodka or a Bloody Maria made with tequila. Whatever your poison, make sure you get it with a taquito garnish!

If you make a Bloody Maria at home (here’s our recipe), be sure to try it alongside our favorite tacos.

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Ned Ludd: Portland, Oregon

You have your choice of vodka, gin, tequila or aquavit, but we strongly suggest you pick the aquavit. The caraway-infused spirit takes this breakfast cocktail to the next level. Like just about everything at this Portland restaurant, the garnishes are local and seasonal.

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Star Bar: Austin, Texas

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Barceloneta: Miami, Florida

The gazpacho Bloody Mary at this Spanish restaurant in Miami Beach is so refreshing you’re going to want to remind yourself not to gulp it down. It’s the perfect pairing with their menu of breakfast tapas and it’s light enough to keep you from feeling too bloated for the beach.

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Stoic and Genuine: Denver, Colorado

There’s nothing stoic about this Bloody Mary, made with a Cholula-spiced mix and—if you ask really nicely—topped with a veritable seafood smorgasbord.

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Brazwell’s: Charlotte, North Carolina

Not only is the Sunday Morning Bloody Mary Bar at Brazwell’s delicious—you can’t beat the price at just $4. Plus, since you’re building it yourself, you decide how spicy and now crazy you want to get with the garnish.

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