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We Found the Best Baby Food Makers for Busy Parents

Making your own baby food is not only cheaper but it's also healthier for your little one. The only problem? There are so many options! To help you choose the right baby food maker, we've rounded up our top picks.

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Baby Bullet Baby Care Systemvia

Baby Bullet Baby Care System

Meet the mini version of your beloved Magic Bullet. The Baby Bullet ($60) even comes with portioned storage cups that have a date-dial feature so you can keep track of when you made your latest batch.

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Not sure what to whip up first? This is the one food to feed your baby if you want to raise a genius.

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Duo Meal Station Food Makervia

Duo Meal Station Food Maker

The question isn’t what can this six-in-one system do… it’s what can’t it do? And the answer is basically nothing. From steaming to blending to warming, the Duo Meal Station ($160) is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to save space by combining all your appliances into one. With this workhorse in the kitchen, you’ll be tempted to launch your own baby food line a la Jennifer Garner.

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Oberly Portable Blendervia

Oberly Portable Blender

At just nine inches tall, this small-but-mighty batter-powered blender ($30) is easy to tote around for meals on the go. Simply toss it in your bag on your way out the door, then whip it out at Grandma’s house to puree the food of your choice into a baby-approved bite.

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BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker & Blendervia

BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker & Blender

No time, no problem! You can make a meal for your little one in 15 minutes or less with this convenient contraption. The Babycook ($150) has a multi-purpose blade for mixing to the perfect texture along with a timer to let you know when it’s finished. Baby food-making beginner? Follow this simple how-to guide.

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NUK Mash and Serve Food Preparation Bowlvia

NUK Mash and Serve Food Preparation Bowl

You don’t have to buy an expensive appliance to make your own baby food—something like this handy NUK bowl ($6) can work just as well. While it requires a little extra muscle, it’s microwave-safe (so it’s easy to use) and dishwasher-safe (so it’s easy to clean!).

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Infantino Squeeze Station Baby Food Makervia

Infantino Squeeze Station Baby Food Maker

Squeezable snack pouches are a mom’s best friend—but they’re also relatively pricey. Make your own instead using this super simple station ($20) that’s ideal for applesauce, smoothies and purees. If you aren’t sure where to start, check out this guide for new parents on what to feed your baby.

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Green Sprouts Fresh Baby Food Millvia

Green Sprouts Fresh Baby Food Mill

No batteries or electricity needed for this must-have baby food mill ($12). In fact, you don’t even have to peel or de-seed your fruits and veggies! Just place your produce in the top, turn the crank a few times, and voila—a healthy meal for your kiddo in the attached serving bowl.

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Sage Spoonfuls Baby Puree & Blendvia

Sage Spoonfuls Baby Puree & Blend

This combination immersion blender and food processor ($40) really gets you the most bang (or should we say baby food) for your buck. That’s because it has a range of settings that allows you to make foods in a variety of textures for all different ages and taste preferences, meaning you can use it for foods the whole family will eat.

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Baby Brezza Small Baby Food Maker Setvia

Baby Brezza Small Baby Food Maker Set

Forget steaming the veggies on the stove, then transferring them to the blender. This baby food maker ($130) does everything in just one bowl with the press of a button and comes with reusable pouches for storage. Dealing with a picky eater? Here are 15 tricks to getting your little one to eat their veggies.

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