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10 Cool Beer Steins to Add to Your Collection

Whether you're a history buff or a Harley fan, your dream beer stein is out there, and we've rounded them up.

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Glass Beer Steinvia

Glass Beer Stein

This minimalist stein ($37) is perfect for the modern home bar. Since it’s made of glass, you can fully appreciate the color and smoothness of the brew you’re pouring, and its gorgeous pewter lid gives a nod to more traditional vintage steins. Bonus: You can personalize this mug, too.

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Game of Thrones steinvia

Game of Thrones Stein

Still upset by the Game of Thrones ending? Numb the pain with a few sips from this House of Stark stein ($60). Show support for your favorite family (notice the dire wolf crest and royal crown) while sipping on Westeros’ finest brew. You can enjoy this stein—and these GOT-inspired recipes—all year round, whether or not winter is coming.

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Oktoberfest in Munich Steinvia

Oktoberfest in Munich Stein

Enjoy the beauty and festivities of Oktoberfest from the comfort of your own home. This vintage-inspired ceramic stein ($67) features a celebratory scene in Munich, complete with engraved German edelweiss flowers. Whether or not you’ve experienced Oktoberfest in Germany, this mug will transport you there. We’d suggest pairing with our German Beer Cheese Spread.

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Harley Davidson Steinvia

Harley Davidson Anniversary Stein

Celebrate your favorite motorcycle aficionado by gifting this classically cool Harley Davidson stein ($300). Designed in Milwaukee to commemorate 105 years of Harley Davidson cycles, the mug is as neat as it is nostalgic. Its hand-decorated body illustrates the company’s history so you can feel proud drinking from it.

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Star Wars steinvia

Star Wars Stein

Luke, I am your…beer mug? This Star Wars-themed stein ($30) is available in six of your favorite characters and makes an unforgettable gift or addition to your own memorabilia collection (so do these Star Wars kitchen gadgets). Whether you’re drinking in the Cantina or your own home, this stein will be a big hit.

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Lucha Libre Steinvia

Lucha Libre Stein

This is a truly outside-the-box stein ($60). It’s decorated with retro pop culture figures like aliens, luchador fighters and classic cars, all in a red-and-blue color scheme that makes a 3-D pattern. The 3-D glasses are included, so you can see this stein in its full eye-popping glory.

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Deutschland Germany Jousting Knights Beer Steinvia

Deutschland Jousting Knights Stein

Go back in time with a truly vintage beer stein. This take on a classic mug ($90) celebrates the German Middle Ages, when castles and jousting were the norm. If you’re looking for a traditional mug to add to your collection (without the vintage price), we’d suggest this one.

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Personalized Beer Steinvia HomelifeUnitedStates/Etsy

Personalized Beer Stein

Celebrate your favorite newlyweds or commemorate a big day with these matching personalized steins ($30). Each one is handmade and emblazoned with a custom caricature on a crisp white ceramic background, making it an awesome nostalgic collectible. We’ll say prost to that.

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A masterful shot steinvia

A Masterful Shot Stein

Hunters will love this stein ($200) that memorializes the thrill of the hunt. Decorated with a lush scene of German villagers shooting and awaiting a feast, it’s soon to be your favorite way to relax after a day spent in the wild.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Steinvia

Doctor Who TARDIS Stein

Whovians, this one’s for you. This (more decorative but still functional) stein ($20) celebrates the BBC show with a ceramic replica of the TARDIS that’ll look great in your bar or on your shelf. It’s perfect to sip from after spending a day time-traveling with the Doctor.

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