10 Beautiful Blood Orange Recipes

Spring's most stunning citrus is having a moment—and for good reason. Whether you want a decadent dessert or a zesty side, here are the best blood orange recipes for any occasion.

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Blood Orange Honey Glazed Salmon

There are plenty of fish in the sea but none as flavorful as this sweet and savory salmon from Spices in My DNA. The best part? It only requires olive oil, honey, salmon and blood oranges!

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Blood Orange Yogurt Cake

Is this loaf cake breakfast or dessert? We’re going to say both. Packed with Greek yogurt for protein and blood orange juice for vitamins, it has some benefits for your bod. This recipe, which comes from How Sweet Eats, also has some sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth, in the form of the prettiest pink icing.

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Blood Orange Avocado Salad

No #saddesklunch over here! Snazz up your salad with grapefruit, avocado and blood oranges, then top it off with a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds and crumbled feta cheese.
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Blood Orange Rosemary Old Fashioned

The classic Old Fashioned cocktail gets a trendy twist with a blood orange wedge and sprigs of fragrant fresh rosemary, from Glisten and Grace.

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Blood Orange With Prosecco

Just like a fruit salad, but zestier. The slices of blood orange are coated with a homemade syrup that’s as stunning as it is simple. (It only takes three ingredients!) For more citrus inspiration, peek at these fresh recipes.
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Blood Orange Curd

When it comes to curd, blood orange curd is the new lemon, thanks to the blog, A Cookie Named Desire. A little bit sweet, a little bit sour, it’s perfect for smearing on a warm slice of toast or a fresh-out-of-the-oven scone. Want to go back to basics? Here’s a step-by-step guide to making lemon curd, too.

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Blood Orange Cheesecake Squares

Adding slices of fresh blood oranges (hello, antioxidants!) to these cheesecake bites from Cooking LSL totally makes them healthy… right? Regardless, they’re well worth the indulgence and every bit as creamy as they look.

If you’re a beginner baker, follow these tips to making the best cheesecake.

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Sweet and Sour Blood Orange Chicken

Step away from the takeout menu. This homemade sweet and sour chicken (starring juicy oranges, of course) is just as good as your go-to Chinese order, promise. Check it out from blogger Heather Christo.

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