12 Pretty (and Practical!) Bathroom Organizing Products

Refresh your space with these handy bathroom organization ideas. We found products for over the toilet, under the sink, in the shower and more!

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Hair Tool Holder
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Adding a clever bathroom organizer beneath your sink or next to your vanity can instantly make a small bathroom feel bigger and keep all your best hand soaps and hygiene essentials neatly tucked away.

“Containment in the bathroom is key to making your morning and evening routines a breeze,” explains Britnee Tanner, a professional home organizer. “You can go from digging for the toothpaste or hairbrush to knowing exactly where they live when you invest in the right product. Look for matching containers and bathroom organizer options to create an extra-clean look and you’ll be amazed how much they visibly reduce clutter.”

We found some of the best bathroom organizers for every bathroom size and style (and at every budget). They’re all organizer-approved, too.

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Over The Toilet Storage Cabinet
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Over-the-Toilet Storage Cabinet

In small bathrooms, an over-the-toilet storage organizer is a must because it fills otherwise dead space with function. We’re smitten with this cute cabinet for its farmhouse style and cool gray color. Plus, there’s ample storage behind closed doors, which is perfect for stocking personal items.

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Makeup Organizer
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Makeup Organizer

Keep the essentials within reach with this gorgeous deep green and gold makeup organizer. It offers two drawers and a plastic-domed space to show off your chicest bottles and tubes. The best part? It offers a touch of glam to any room that already has a throne.

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White Marble And Brass Toothbrush Holde
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Toothbrush Holder

If you’re still using a sad plastic cup to store your toothbrush, it’s time for an upgrade. This sleek marble and brass toothbrush holder is hefty, so don’t worry about accidentally knocking it over. Plus, each holder is handcrafted out of solid marble for a one-of-a-kind storage solution. By the way, your toothbrush might be one of the things in your home that’s making you sick.

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Three-Tier Shelf

Pretty much every bathroom could benefit from more storage space. And this simple, narrow three-tier shelf was made for stashing extra rolls of toilet paper, cotton balls, soap and other necessities. This is a particularly great option for renters who don’t want to drill holes in the wall for a traditional shelf or those with small bathrooms. The 34-inch height makes it just the right size to neatly tuck into any corner or proudly display on a counter.

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Kincmax Shower Caddy Bathroom Shelf
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Hanging Shower Caddy

The easiest way to make your bathroom look more organized? Banish the clutter along the edges of your tub. This hanging shower caddy holds shampoo, conditioner, body wash and any other shower essentials. Plus, installation takes mere seconds—just press the adhesive to the wall and you’re good to go.

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Non Skid Storage Turntable
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Non-Skid Storage Turntable

“Lazy Susan (or turntable) organizers are some of the smartest organizational solutions, and they’ve been around for years because quite simply, they work,” says Tanner. “I recommend looking for ones that are a little taller for use under the sink so that items with a bit of height stay put (like those tall hair sprays and mouth wash bottles).”

This affordable Copco turntable offers a 12-inch diameter, non-skid interior, and a perfect smooth-gliding swivel function that eliminates the struggle to find things in dark cabinets.

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Hair Tool Holder
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Hair Tool Holder

It can seem like there’s no good place to store your hair tools. Drawers can quickly become cluttered, and cords easily tangle. That’s why this hair tool holder is such a smart idea. It organizes your curling irons, blow dryers, hairbrushes, and more, plus provides an easy-to-grab place for styling products. You can either mount the stylish wooden box to your wall or place it on your countertop.

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Under-the-Sink Starter Kit

We love storing items underneath our sinks—especially unsightly products like cleaning supplies. This under-the-sink kit from The Container Store has everything you need to make use of the space, including a mini cabinet, stacking drawers and more. Try under-the-sink storage in your kitchen, too.

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Stylish Shelf

Take your bathroom shelving to the next level with this adorable tiered piece from NativeRange on Etsy. It’s available in three sizes and several finishes so you can find the perfect fit for your space. Plus, we love the rustic look!

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Nesting Trays Set Of 3
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Counter Trays

Using narrow nesting trays on your vanity is a clever way to find a clutter-free home for jewelry, cotton swabs and other tiny items that may be strewn around your counters. This Open Spaces set of three nesting trays offer a modern take on a bathroom organizer classic. It comes in your choice of five colorways, each with three matching matte shades.

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Two Tier Turntables
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Two-Tier Turntables

This clever two-tier turntable offers easy access to all your hygiene essentials. It’s an affordable piece with thousands of glowing Amazon reviews and comes in over a dozen gorgeous colors to match every bathroom style. The 12-inch diameter makes this bathroom organizer ideal for holding soaps, makeup and creams of most sizes. The best part? Its non-skid surface keeps items from falling over even as it’s turning.

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Drawer Dividers
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Drawer Dividers

If you’re only going to make one small change to your bathroom, let it be drawer dividers. “Drawer dividers are one of my all-time favorite products because they keep small things in place,” shares Tanner. “Take measurements of your drawer first and purchase ones that are varied in size so you can properly arrange everything from your floss to face creams and watch your drawers immediately transform.”

These nifty dividers are spring-based to adjust to most typical drawers ranging from 11 to 17 inches. They’re also an affordable find, with thousands of Amazon reviews calling them “life-changing,” and “amazing for clearing clutter.”

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