12 Baking Containers That Keep Your Flour, Sugar & Baked Goods Fresh

Keep your baking essentials fresh and ready for your favorite recipes. Check out our go-to flour container, butter keeper, baking containers and more.

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OXO Good Grips Canisters

All your baking staples—that’s everything from coconut to cocoa powder—are best stored in airtight containers. At Taste of Home, you’ll find our pantry filled with OXO Good Grips airtight canisters. They’re readily available, come in all sorts of sizes and are modular so you can stack away. We love the baking set; it includes a giant flour container and specially designed brown sugar canister (with built-in sugar softener) that is perfect for avid bakers.

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Airtight Butter Box

Butter is a baker’s best friend, so don’t let it go to waste! Keep sticks of butter in a sealed butter box to prevent any fridge smells from seeping through the paper wrapping. This container is big enough to hold four standard sticks—plenty to tackle these buttery recipes.

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Tupperware Spice Shakers

Ditch those spice jars that keep spilling and plastic baggies full of sprinkles. These tight sealing shakers from Tupperware are perfect for storing spices, sprinkles and other small ingredients. Pop the top one way to reveal a wide mouth, perfect for scooping out teaspoons of baking spices for your next recipe. Flip the top the other way to reveal a shaker for sprinkling decorative sugar on your cutout cookies.

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Plastic Egg Holder baking containers
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Plastic Egg Holder

Got a full fridge? You need this crush-proof egg container. Feel free to stack away without worrying your eggs will crack. If you bake frequently or just enjoy whipping up daily omelets, you might want to snag a few of these.

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OXO Good Grips Dispenser Containers

Need a flour container? Dispenser for cereal? Something to hold that oversized bag of chocolate chips? These flip-top dispensers (which come in many sizes) will keep your dry goods fresh and ready for whatever recipe from your baking bucket list you plan to tackle next.

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Airtight Cookie Jar

You can’t deny the appeal of cute and quirky cookie jars. However, not all these adorable canisters are perfect for storing your favorite sweets. If you plan on using your jar for more than decoration, grab a cookie jar with an airtight seal. Our Test Kitchen loves this one for its vintage vibes—perfect for farmhouse-style homes or retro kitchens.

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Salt Cellar

Nearly every recipe calls for a pinch of salt. Keep this must-have at the ready with a convenient salt cellar. This container keeps salt at the ready but covered up when not in use—way nicer than any cardboard canister! And if this wood cellar isn’t your style, check out why our editors love a ceramic salt pig.

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baking containers Oxo Good Grips Squeeze Bottle
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OXO Good Grips Squeeze Bottle

Left with a little extra syrup from a recipe? Don’t toss it out. Instead, keep it to top off another treat in the future. A sealed squeeze bottle is just what you need to stash homemade sweet sauces in the fridge.

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Utensil Crock baking containers
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Utensil Crock

Keep your favorite wooden spoons and spatulas at the ready while you bake with a pretty utensil crock. These decorative containers help you make room in your drawers while letting you have all your kitchen MVPs on hand.

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baking containers Ball Smooth Sided Glass Mason Jars With Lids Bands Wide Mouth
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Ball Mason Jars

You can use Mason jars for just about anything in the kitchen. You can prep these recipes in them, use them for canning or use them for storing your baking staples. Large Mason jars are perfect for storing oats (keeping them in that cardboard canister isn’t ideal) and other grains. Smaller jars are great for keeping everything from spices to sprinkles organized.

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OXO Good Grips Glass Sugar Dispenser

Need just a bit of sugar (like when proofing yeast)? Don’t drag your giant sugar canister out of the pantry. A sugar dispenser like this one is just what you need when you’re looking for just a pinch of the sweet stuff. This one seals tight so moisture and pests stay out. And we don’t blame you if you let this container do double duty at your coffee station at home.

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baking containers Joseph Bread Cutting Board Lid White
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Bread Box with Bamboo Cutting Board Lid

Bread boxes might seem like a thing of the past, but these cubbies really do keep your bread fresher. This streamlined bread box from Joseph Joseph has a built-in cutting board. Just flip the lid over to slice your bread. It also has guides so you can get sandwich-ready slices.

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