10 Baked Potato Toppings That Aren’t Plain Ol’ Sour Cream

Freshen up your baked potatoes with something new! These baked potato toppings take this humble side dish to a whole new place.

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Baked potato with bacon cheese and mushrooms;
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What’s better than a comforting baked potato? If your usual chives, cream or cheddar cheese and bacon are feeling a little drab as of lately, we’ve got major inspiration ahead for ways you can spice up your usual spuds for an award-winning side dish. It’s time to get into the kitchen and get creative!

You can take some inspiration from these potato recipes, too!

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Blue cheese on the old wooden background.
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Blue cheese

Blue cheese on burgers is always divine, so why not add it onto your baked potatoes too? Whether you like your blues crumbly or creamy, there’s one that will be equally as yummy on your favorite baked potato recipe. Try throwing on some chopped dates for a little sweetness, too!

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Taste of Home

Roasted veggies

Throw some color onto your potatoes with a selection of roasted or grilled veggies like zucchini, eggplant, red peppers and more. Anything you’ve got on hand at home will do! Plus, if you make a big batch of veggies, you’ll have them to snack on or serve as a side throughout the week.

Want some great veggie combos? Try our favorite roasted veggie recipes.

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Jar with delicious basil pesto sauce on table
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Throw some pesto with shredded chicken and fresh mozzarella onto your spuds for an Italian-inspired flare that will leave your friends and family wanting more. Homemade pesto just can’t be beat, so skip the can and go for the fresh stuff instead.

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Traditional Latin American mexican salsa sauce and ingredients on black stone table.
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Fresh salsa

Go fresco with fresh salsa, black beans and crumbled queso fresco cheese for a south of the border inspired palate. Whether you like your salsa hot and spicy, mild, or with fruits, there’s definitely a fresh salsa recipe out there waiting to be whipped up. Plus, you can make enough for snacking with homemade tortilla chips throughout the week!

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Broccoli cabbage in a wicker basket. A lot of broccoli in a wicker box on a brown background.


Who doesn’t love a good bowl of broccoli cheddar soup on a chilly day? Bring the same delicious flavors and warmth to your baked potatoes for a twist on the classic that you’ll go back to time and time again. Just steam up some broccoli and melt your favorite sharp cheddar on top. Yum!

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Chili Lime-Roasted Chickpeas
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Roasted chickpeas

Bring the flavors of the Mediterranean to your potato with crispy roasted chickpeas for a little crunch, and continue on the chickpea chain with fresh hummus of your choosing.

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Bowl of fresh vegetarian spinach artichoke dip
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Spinach and artichoke

Is there anything better than the creamy and dreamy flavor profile of spinach and artichoke dip? Your favorite dip tastes just as good on a baked potato as it does with fresh baguette. This is the perfect topping if you have leftover dip after a weekend party!

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Taste of Home

Barbecue chicken

Got leftovers from sandwiches? Or prepping for the week ahead and have some extras? Shred up some barbecue chicken and throw it onto your baked potato with the cheese of your choosing (we’d go with Swiss!). As always, ditch the bottle and go with a homemade sauce instead. You won’t regret it.

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Bacon and egg as English breakfast.
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Bacon and Egg

Bring back the bacon but add a fried egg instead for a little bit of breakfast for dinner, whether you like your bacon crumbled or in full strips, it will be tasty for sure. Need a little sweetness? Add a dash of maple syrup on top for something sweet.

Love putting an egg on top of everything and anything? So do we!

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close view on fresh herbs bunch
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Fresh herbs

Don’t stop with just plain chives! A sprinkling of fresh dill, basil or oregano will bring some unexpected pep to your basic potato.

Bonus points if they came from your own garden!

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