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10 Back-to-School DIY Projects to Make This Year

Make the transition between summer and fall a little easier with these back-to-school DIY projects. Your little one will love crafting their own school supplies, snacks and more.

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Courtesy Damask Love

Homemade Pocket Folder

When it comes to picking pocket folders, you typically have two options: plain colors or over-the-top patterns (with a much higher price tag). Luckily, Damask Love presents a third option: DIY pocket folders made with wrapping paper!

Get the full how-to at Damask Love.

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Courtesy I Heart Crafty Things

Back-to-School DIY Time Capsule

Commemorate your little one’s first day with this adorable time capsule idea from I Heart Crafty Things. Add mementos—like your child’s photo and a Q&A about their day—to a mason jar. Then stash the capsule in a safe spot and open on the last day of school. No peeking! Find more clever ideas to get your kid excited about school here.

Get the full how-to at I Heart Crafty Things.

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Courtesy Make Life Lovely

DIY Notebook Covers

Is it just me, or did studying become a lot more chic?  This clever craft from Make Life Lovely transforms plain ol’ composition notebooks into personalized works of art.

Get the full how-to at Make Life Lovely.

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Taste of Home

“Say Goodbye to Summer” Cookies

It can be hard to get over vacation. After all, who wants to trade in days at the pool for homework and early bedtimes? Make the transition a little easier by hosting a “goodbye to summer” party, complete with themed cookies. Find more kid-friendly recipes here.

Get the recipe.

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Courtesy Must Have Mom

Washi Tape Pencils

You’ll never lose a pencil again, thanks to this super-easy idea from Must Have Mom. Covering writing utensils in bright washi tape helps them stand out from the crowd.

Get the full how-to at Must Have Mom.

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Taste of Home

ABC Snack

Learning doesn’t have to end as soon as the school day is over. For your child’s after-school snack, use cookie cutters to shape peppers into letters and numbers. Then, encourage your little one to practice their ABCs as they eat. Kids will love these after school snacks, too.

Get the recipe.

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Courtesy Simple Stylings

Hanging Paper Organizer

Never forget a permission slip again. This clever paper organizer from Simple Stylings makes it easy to file school schedules, field trip forms and more. You could also use this organizer to sort your recipes!

Get the full how-to at Simple Stylings.

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Courtesy Thrift Diving

Beautiful Binder Covers

Give last year’s binders a stylish makeover with this pretty idea from Thrift Diving. You can even use a different paper pattern for each of your child’s school subjects to help them stay organized.

Get the full how-to at Thrift Diving.

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Courtesy Dazzle While Frazzled

Personalized Backpack Tag

Give your child’s backpack a little extra pizzazz with a custom name tag. This idea from Dazzle while Frazzled transforms a few basic supplies into a craft your child will love. You could make a lunchbox tag, too.

Get the full how-to at Dazzle while Frazzled.

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Taste of Home

Field Trip Treats

Get your little one excited about the year’s upcoming field trips…with a treat! Whip up pumpkin cookie pops for a field trip to the farm, animal-shaped treats in honor of a zoo visit and Thomas Jefferson’s vanilla ice cream for a historical trip.

Get the recipe.

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