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12 Cute and Quirky Baby Names Inspired by Food

You'll be scratching your head at some of these baby names!

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baby surrounded with fruits and vegetables on blue blanket, healthy child nutrition; Shutterstock / Anna Grigorjeva

When I was in fifth grade, my teacher promised extended recess time to any students who could correctly guess the first name of his baby. We had only two hints: the child was a son; the middle name was Jack. From there on, we predicted that it would have to be Colby. No respectable fifth-grade teacher with a sense of humor would bypass the opportunity to name his firstborn son Colby Jack.  (That’s almost as cheesy as these recipes!)

Colby doesn’t hold a candle to some of the more exotic options out there today. Here are some of the most head-scratching choices we’ve heard, from sweet to spicy and everything in between:

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Cute baby.Japanese AsianShutterstock / beeboys


A super-popular ingredient right, quinoa connotes trendiness, wholesomeness and wellness. Trouble is, trends come and go. Imagine if you were named “Bran” or “Tofu” in the 1970s. That wouldn’t have aged particularly well….

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Adorable little african american baby girl playing with a plushShutterstock / Samuel Borges Photography


As a name, Fennel has a perky, cute sound. Unfortunately, fennel is one of the most polarizing veggies out there. (That licorice taste, ick!) Proceed with caution.

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happy baby smiling at the cameraShutterstock / zulufoto


Sugar and spice and everything nice. While most people enjoy cinnamon treats, this name is a mouthful, and nicknames are tough. Think “Cinna,” like the fabulous Hunger Games character? “Mon” could be cool, though.

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Lovely little girl making funny face after eating chocolateShutterstock / JRP Studio


Ah, kale. Another polarizing ingredient, with many purporting to love it, and others loathing the stuff on principle. (For the record, we’re in the former camp, mostly.) Your child might have to hear people’s opinions on the leafy greens every time they introduce themselves. Plus, this is another trend that may sound incredibly dated in 10 years.

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Funny boy holds fork in his teeth. Cheerful kid eats spaghetti in pizzeria. Child spoils with food, baby food as entertainment or play. Plate with food for baby on the tableShutterstock / Expensive


This one might be tough to nail with a tone. Even if you spoke nicely, it might sound condescending, like “How are you doing, Honey?” Or worse, it might sound a bit too intimate. Might be strange to have your boss greet you with “Morning, Honey!”

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Baby being fed baby foodShutterstock / Moonborne


Pardon the pun, but this name will make your kids’ ears steam. In addition to sounding like the beverage, the name may make people assume it’s a first initial.

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Baby in sunglassesShutterstock / Eugeniya Khomenko


This name isn’t extraordinarily weird-after all, everyone loves peaches!-but it does stand out for being plural. Why not just “Peach”? Like “Honey,” though, this name might sound a bit too cozy for strangers.

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Two week old newborn baby boy sleeping on a tiny inflatable swim ring. He is wearing crocheted board shorts and black sunglasses.Shutterstock / Katrina Elena


This name connotes fiery spice! Though some people may always associate it with chili, we think this is a baby name worth a try.

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portrait , baby hat, close-up portrait , baby photosChikovnaya / Shutterstock


Tequila good baby name, all you have to do is add alcohol. (Har!) Actually, we quite like this name, and it’s actually the Spanish version of “Margaret.” Want to spice it up? Spell it “Margherita” like the pizza.

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Cute babyniderlander/Shutterstock


OK, chips are delicious and wildly popular. Maybe this name’s not so bad. Plus, he’d be in good company: remember the cute lil’ cup from Beauty and the Beast?

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Cute baby covered with white blanket and black eyesniderlander/Shutterstock


Last names as first names is a trend, with names like Smith, Walker and Carter taking off. The only trouble with this one is that I keep picturing it ending in “Lite.”

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A Cute Baby boy in white bedding.Shutterstock / Lopolo


We love this dark-hued bread, and the name has a rugged appeal. And think of the pun opportunities. Imagine this: He’s taking his first steps, waddles into your outstretched arms, and you snatch him. That’s right. You’re the Catcher of the Rye. (Couldn’t help it, sorry!)

There is one advantage to sharing a name with a food. You’re memorable.

What did you think of these head-scratching baby names? Let us know the strangest you’ve heard!