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15 Foods That Ayesha Curry Just Loves

Ayesha Curry is a wildly successful cooking show host, author, entrepreneur and new mama of three. She always makes time to eat with her family—and these are her fave ingredients and dishes.

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Ayesha CurryInstagram / Ayesha Curry

Ayesha Curry knows what it’s like to be busy! She’s married to basketball legend Steph Curry, has a show on the Food Nework and her cookbook, The Seasoned Life, is a bestseller. But she always has time to spend with her daughters—and her new baby boy!—in the kitchen. (Here’s how to cook with kids of any age.) See the foods Ayesha loves to cook and eat, coming right up!

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Bananas Foster

Whether she’s cooking for a crowd or her young family, bananas foster is Ayesha’s go-to dessert, and she’d certainly approve of this slow cooker version. (Here are more hands-off slow cooker desserts.)
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Avocado Toast

It’s a food trend because it’s so simple and yet so delicious, so it’s no surprise Ayesha is on board. She prefers to have her avocado toast for breakfast.

Learn how to make restaurant-quality avocado toast at home.

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Brown Sugar

The mother of three has a bit of an obsession with brown sugar, and she likes to put it in everything, sweet or savory! She even adds it to her spaghetti sauce (like this one) because she says it elevates the flavor.
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Grilled Fish

The Curry girls are sensible youngsters—they love grilled and baked fish, so Ayesha makes it often. Here are some grilled fish dishes that might be a hit with her household.
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When Ayesha was growing up, her grandmother had mango trees in the backyard, so she’s well-versed in how to cook with them; to this day, they remain one of her favorite foods. Make sure you know the right way to peel a mango!
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Ayesha loves cooking lamb, especially chops and burgers. She also makes a bright parsley and mint sauce that would go beautifully with either dish!
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Breakfast Cereal

Ayesha admits to enjoying “the unhealthy kind” of cereal every once in a while as a late-night snack. We’re sure she’d love these peanut butter cereal treats, or any of these other fun cereal bars!
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Southern Shrimp And Grits Exps Thn18 140896 C06 06 7b 7

Shrimp and Grits

Shrimp and grits are often named as a favorite food, and it’s certainly the case for Ayesha (and for actor Reese Witherspoon—check out more of her fave foods here).
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Ayesha loves bacon and she values the bacon smell almost as much as the flavor. You guessed it—she often adds brown sugar to her batches! See our most crispy and delish bacon recipes.
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Deep-Fried Oreos

One of the Food Network star’s favorite guilty pleasures is deep-fried Oreo cookies, and we can’t fault her for that! We wonder what other fair foods she might love.
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Meat Loaf

Ayesha’s favorite fall dish is a good old-fashioned meat loaf. She prefers a recipe with carrots, celery, and, yes, brown sugar; it doesn’t get more comforting than that.
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Ayesha loves to eat chocolate; it’s the indulgence she’s looking for after a long day. We bet any one of these chocolate snacks would hit the spot.
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Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

For a special occasion, one of her signature dishes is bacon-wrapped scallops. That would certainly be welcome at any dinner party!
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Better Than Fried Shrimp Exps50981 Thhc1997843b09 08 8bc Rms 2

Ginger Shrimp

Ayesha has an affection for crispy shrimp, and she likes to give it a healthy twist by using the oven instead of the deep-fryer. (She might also love our best shrimp dinners!)
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Apricot Preserves

One of Ayesha’s go-to tricks for getting great flavor with few ingredients is using apricot preserves in a meat marinade. She always keeps some in her pantry. You can also use apricot preserves to make our Winning Apricot Bars for dessert. Yum!

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