10 Ways Avocado Oil Benefits Your Health

Updated: Nov. 28, 2023

Avocado oil does it all—from clearing your skin to improving your heart health. Here's what we love about avocado oil!

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Improve Heart Health

Studies have shown that avocado oil can not only improve your heart, but it can also lower your cholesterol. Evidence also suggests that avocado oil can lower your blood pressure, which makes it a great addition to your diet. Try avocado oil in this dish.

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Clear Skin

Avocado oil can do a lot for your skin. It’s been proven to clear blemishes, help wounds heal faster, moisturize and nourish skin and prevent the return of your acne. Avocado oil is a great treatment for dry skin. Give this homemade scrub a try and see what we mean.

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Aid Healthy Gums

Believe it or not, avocado oil helps your gums! It can stop gum disease in its tracks. It also helps to soothe irritated gums, since it’s a natural anti-inflammatory. If you’re ever having gum trouble, don’t be afraid to apply some oil directly to the afflicted area.

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Improve and Maintain Dental Health

Speaking of gums, this superfood can also strengthen your teeth as you age. It can also treat recurring canker sores and dry mouth. There are plenty of tasty ways to take care of your dental health and include avocado oil in your diet.

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Repair Damaged Hair

Hair oil is a great way to treat dry or damaged hair, and avocado oil works in many ways to do this. It acts as a moisturizer and helps your locks grow. You can also use it to easily detangle coarse or knotted hair.

This overnight hair mask is great for deep conditioning for silky, sleek results.

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Relieve Arthritis Symptoms

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, avocado oil reduces and relieves the symptoms of arthritis. If your pain localizes in your joins, avocado oil has been proven to ease stiffness and provide relief in a healthy way. If you deal with chronic arthritis, sneak avocados into your diet whenever you can.

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Slow the Aging Process

We mentioned before that avocado oil is a go-to for healthy skin, but did you know it can also reverse aging? The nutrients in avocados can retain the elasticity of skin which prevents wrinkles. Shallow wrinkles can fade or disappear, so avocado oil is a must-have in your skincare routine.

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Regulate Metabolism

Doctors tend to recommend the avocado oil diet to patients suffering from joint pain, but this method has also caught on as a way to regulate metabolism. The fats in avocado oil causes consumers to feel fuller longer. It also helps your body absorb nutrients more easily and improves digestion.

Get started with our favorite avocado recipes.

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Prevent Dandruff

Avocado oil works wonders for your hair, but it also helps your scalp. The oil is jam packed with nutrients and vitamins that keep skin healthy, in turn preventing scalp dryness.

If you have dandruff issues, this avocado oil conditioner could help.

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Use It All the Time

Avocado oil can be ingested or applied to skin and hair. If you’d like that soft, full body feeling, it’s recommended that you throw a few drops in a hot bath. The oil does all the work for you while you soak and relax! We recommend giving it a try.

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