13 Animal-Shaped Foods That Kids Love to Eat

From piglets and hedgehogs to a rainbow-colored unicorn, all of these cute foods will win over kids and grown-ups!

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Owl Cookies

Whooo doesn’t love owls? They’re oh-so-cute for dessert. If you’re as wise as an owl, and we know you are, you’ll want to bake up this easy peanut butter and chocolate treat for your next get-together.

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Teddy Bear Toasts

In their natural habitat, bears snack on fresh berries straight off the bush. In this unbearably cute dish made by Jennifer of @happylittleminis, fresh berries are mixed with nut butter to create the perfect canvas for a friendly bear’s face.

Kids will love munching on this berry-flavored toast for breakfast!

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Chocolate Pecan Hedgehog Cookies

These woodland creatures are definitely as cute as the real thing, and maybe even cuter thanks to the sprinkles! With a pecan cookie base and a melted chocolate exterior, this hedgehog cookie is as delicious as it is adorable.

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Taste of Home

Lady Bug Cupcakes

A friendly red ladybug is the perfect addition to any party. This particular lady has plenty to smile about thanks to her rich chocolate cake, beautiful frosting and two antennae that will have all your guests saying, “Awww!”

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Wholly Cute Wholesome Oats

It’s not always easy to make a healthy breakfast fun, but in Midori’s kitchen, it only takes a few slices of fruit to make a wholesome bowl of oats adorable and appetizing! Her Instagram @TheOrganicFrenchMom has lots of ideas for making every meal of the day more amusing.

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Taste of Home

Slithering Snake Roll

Here is one snake you won’t mind having on the loose at your next party! To make a snake-shaped pizza, Monterey Jack cheese and spicy chorizo sausage are rolled together in a pizza crust that’s dyed green. It looks good–and is tasty, too.

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Chick Before the Egg

Sometimes it’s up to Mom to make the first meal of the day more endearing. Instagram user Napu88 crafted a chick-shaped breakfast plate that would put a smile on any kiddo’s face.

(Have a picky eater at home? You’ll want to see our 50 most kid-friendly meals.)

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Smiling Steam Buns

Turtle-shaped steam buns must be the most delightful way to bring an Asian dish to your table. These turtle-y buns, made by Christie Lo, have matcha and red bean flavors and can be made at home for a unique (and adorable) dish. Watch her YouTube video for a step-by-step recipe.

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Magical Unicorn Cake

This is a gorgeous (and essential) dessert for anyone who’s unicorn-obsessed! It’s an absolute showstopper–and making a unicorn cake is easier than you think, too.

Psst…This is perfect for a magical unicorn-themed birthday party.

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Taste of Home

Cute Pig Cookies

…and this little piggy went alllll the way to the dessert table! Perfectly pink and undoubtedly Instagram-worthy, these charming pig cookies are almost too adorable to eat, but one taste of this fluffy sugar cookie will have your guests chowing down like, well, little piggies.

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Kittens Gone Bananas

Even the simplest snacks can become curious critters with a little frosting and some candy eyes. Instagram user Susanne Schuberth made an ordinary banana into these friendly cats for a puuuuurfect afternoon morsel.

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Puppy Buns

If you’ve ever looked at a dinner roll and thought of a cute, chubby puppy then you and Instagrammer @melody.kitty888 have something in common! You can create other animals out of rolls, too. Just use sauce or frosting to draw on animal faces. (Don’t forget to add ears using a toothpick and a small triangle of bread.)

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Breakfast Faces

Pancakes are already face-shaped–so your only job is to decide what animal to make. This Instagram video from @ilisa_liu shows you how to create a nose, eyes, ears and even adorable fruit friends for your next stack of flapjacks.

(Just start with our recipe for Buttermilk Pancakes!)

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