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22 Amazon Products You’ll Want to Use Every Day

Amazon is brimming with products that simplify and streamline your life. We rounded up practical favorites you're bound to use every day.

Every editorial product is independently selected, though we may be compensated or receive an affiliate commission if you buy something through our links.

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Cuisinart Prep 11 Plus 11-Cup Food Processorvia

Home chefs will definitely use this every day

The Cuisinart Prep 11 Plus 11-Cup Food Processor is the kitchen appliance every serious home chef needs. It slices, chops, shreds, kneads and so much more. That means you’ll be preparing restaurant-quality food for dinner every night, and enjoying minimal cleanup. These 40 recipes will help you make the most of this gadget.

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Joseph Joseph Nest Lock Plastic Storage Containersvia

Get ready to love those leftovers

Last night’s dinner will taste better when it’s stored properly, which is why you definitely need a set of Joseph Joseph Nest Lock Plastic Storage Containers with lockable airtight leak-proof lids. They come in fun, rainbow-like colors and keep air out so all your best flavors stay in. By the way, here’s how long those leftovers will really last.

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Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed Systemvia

The best brew every morning

We promise you’ll really use the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System each day because it offers both hot and cold brew styles to suit everyone in your home’s desires, tea-capabilities, six brew sizes, five brew styles, a frother and even a glass carafe. You know what this means, right? You’ll never have to leave home for the perfect coffee again. Fill this maker up with our Best Loved Brand of coffee, as determined by our Test Kitchen.

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Calphalon Even Sear Multi-Grillvia

Easiest meals ever

You’ll be excited to come home to a Calphalon Even Sear Multi-Grill each day. It quickly grills and sears with minimal effort, cleans up in a jiffy and can give you the perfect chicken, grilled cheese or veggies in just minutes. The ceramic surface delivers 20 percent more heat than typical grills, which means you can get the best sear marks of all time. Use this grill to take these must-make grilling recipes indoors.

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Pizza Cutter by Cucina Provia

More useful than you think

Sure, the Pizza Cutter by Cucina Pro cuts pizzas on a professional level, but that’s not the part that will convince you this is an everyday item. It also swiftly creates chopped salads of your lunch, helps quickly chop grilled chicken or other meats so they can become sandwich fodder and can be used for a variety of other quick-chop projects. Here are 32 pizza recipes that are faster than delivery.

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Vahdam Tea Variety Packvia

Just your cup of tea

Put the hot water on, because this Vahdam Tea Variety Pack is one of the Amazon products we’re sure you’ll use every day. Start your day, perk yourself up in the afternoon or sip some with a good book at night. Here are some of the mind-blowing health benefits of tea.

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Welly Vacuum Insulated Water Bottlevia

Use your tea bags in this

Welly Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle provides double-wall, BPA-free insulation to keep hot drinks steaming hot and cold drinks brisk for hours on end. Plus, the wide mouth is easy to clean, pop ice cubes or tea bags in and throw around a few lemon slices without any great effort. Take a look at our tips for cleaning a water bottle.

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Health-Ade Kombuchavia

Probiotic goodness

Add Health-Ade Kombucha to the shortlist of must-try healthy foods on Amazon. Kombucha is a lightly sweet, bubbly drink brimming with natural probiotics thanks to careful fermentation. Kombucha is one of the top food trends of the year, despite being hundreds of years old.

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Happy Kid Organic Fruit & Oat Barsvia

Stash these in your bag

Instead of keeping unhealthy candy bars or other sugary emergency snacks in your bag, load up on Happy Kid Organic Fruit & Oat Bars. They’re candy bar-like, but only loaded with the good stuff like organic real fruit, no added sugars and oats. They’re appealing for taste buds of most ages and stages, too, so you’ll want to keep a few on you at all times.

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Sabra Grab N Go Hummus with Pretzels Cupsvia

Snack lovers will love these

Vegans have a hard time finding suitable and satisfying snacks on the go, which is why Sabra Grab N Go Hummus with Pretzels Cups are the Amazon purchase you never knew you needed. You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy them—they’re savory doses of protein, fiber and crunch you’ll love at your desk. These simple vegan recipes come together with just 5 ingredients.

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Halo Top Chocolate Ice Creamvia

Ice cream without the guilt

If you’re thinking that ice cream can’t be an everyday item, think again, because low-calorie ice cream brand Halo Top is available on Amazon. The line was designed with eating whole pints in mind, so they stripped out excessive sugars, added in protein and fiber and left the world with daily snacking they don’t have to feel guilty about. Now you can buy an eight-pack of Halo Top Chocolate Ice Cream (or other flavors), have it delivered to your door and never look back.

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Reynolds Kitchens Slow Cooker Linersvia

For slow cooker fanatics

If you’re into using your slow cooker just about every night of the year, good news—you’re not alone. There’s a way to make them even more conveniently wonderful (if you can believe it). Using Reynolds Kitchens Slow Cooker Liners means you’ll be left with virtually no cleanup, making an easy meal taste even better. These liners are one of our favorite slow cooker accessories.

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ZeroWater 23-Cup Dispenservia

Clean, crisp water without the price of bottled

If the price of bottle water bothers you, we can’t imagine you care much for the idea of lugging heavy bottles or hurting the environment, either. That’s exactly why you’ll love a ZeroWater 23-Cup Dispenser with a free water quality meter. The container itself is BPA-Free and NSF-certified to reduce lead and other heavy metals from your drinking water. Plus, the slim profile fits nicely in most regular-size refrigerators. This is how much water you should be drinking every day.

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Sleepletics Performance Sheetsvia

You’ll sleep better on these

Tossing and turning all night can be a thing of the past on a brand new set of Sleepletics Performance Sheets. The wrinkle-resistant material helps promote healthy blood flow with a special yarn that’ll have you counting sheep in total peace.

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Splendid Laguna Bath Towelsvia

Cuddle up after every shower

You’ll love starting your morning with a shower and a cozy dose of Splendid Laguna Bath Towels made of super-soft Supima micro cotton. They come in a variety of colors, are a cinch to wash and care for and make daily routines that much better. These are the 7 ways almost everyone cleans their bathroom wrong.

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Love Home and Planet Dish Soapvia

Use your wishes on clean dishes

You’re probably already washing your dishes every day, but if you’re not ordering Love Home and Planet Dish Soap, you’re missing out on an upscale, planet-friendly upgraded version of your most boring chores. On the flip side, here’s why you probably shouldn’t wash your dishes by hand.

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Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleanervia

Less mess, more floor space

Tell your old vac to step aside, because the Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner uses a brushless motor that provides serious suction. Plus, it’s got a narrow, vertical footprint that takes up less space than other vacs in your cleaning closet.

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Puracy Natural All Purpose Cleanervia

Streak-free natural cleaning

You’ll be pleased you invested in a Puracy Natural All-Purpose Cleaner purchase because the formula is guaranteed to clean any hard surface without streaking, removes everything from food to sticky soda residue and easily handles hard surfaces. It’s also safe for children and pets, and certified cruelty-free. Here are some chemical-free ways you can keep your house clean.

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Method All-Purpose Cleanervia

This will save you a ton of work

Instead of loading and unloading heavy cleaning supplies from your car, get your favorites, like this Method All-Purpose Cleaner in French Lavender delivered right to your doorstep. The formula will not only get your house sparkling, but its non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients will leave you feeling pretty good too.

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CleanWell Botanical Foaming Hand Soapvia

Cleaner hands, better days

Keep flu season at bay with frequently washed hands. CleanWell Botanical Foaming Hand Soap comes in appealing scents like lavender and boasts natural botanical oils to keep hands smooth while deep-cleaning gunk and germs. This is how you can wash your hands the correct way.

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The Good Home Co Closet and Drawer Sachetsvia

Pop these in your clothes drawers

Your clothes will smell fresh all the time when you pop The Good Home Co Closet and Drawer Sachets in them. They offer natural fragrance and biodegradable construction you’ll feel good about. We happen to think the “Beach Days” scent is genuinely like a whiff of summer, but the lavender and grass scents are delightful, too. Take a look at these 16 tips that will save you time and money when doing the laundry.

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Banter & Bliss Match Bottle with Strikervia

This will light your fire

You could stick with the regular old matches you’ve been collecting from restaurants and bars for ages, but you shouldn’t be surprised when you burn your precious fingertips lighting all those scented candles. Instead, get a Banter & Bliss Match Bottle with Striker. You’ll get 60 high-quality wooden rainbow multi-color safety matches and a definite upgrade in your lifestyle. Next, treat yourself to this dessert-a-day meal plan that is so decadent.

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