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16 Aldi Finds That We’re Obsessed with for May 2021

This May, these are the Aldi Finds items you'll find in our carts.

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Utopia Market Quinoa PuffsCourtesy Aldi

Utopia Market Quinoa Puffs

These healthy crunchy snacks will be going straight into our carts.

$1.99 / Available May 5

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Bake Shop 7 Layer BarsCourtesy Aldi

Bake Shop 7 Layer Bars

You’ll be the star of the picnic when you bring 7 Layer Bars to share!

$3.99 / Available May 5

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Specially Selected Creme BruleeCourtesy Aldi

Specially Selected Creme Brulee

This is easier than making creme brulee from scratch—but you still get to bring out a torch for caramelizing.

$4.99 / Available May 5

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Simply Nature Sweet CrispsCourtesy Aldi

Simply Nature Sweet Crisps

How good would lemon crisps be as a garnish on a homemade ice cream sundae?

$2.99 / Available May 5

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Livegfree Gluten Free DonutsCourtesy Aldi

Gluten-Free Doughnuts

We’re here for all the LiveGFree snacks! The GF doughnuts come in both chocolate frosted and glazed flavors.

$4.49 / Available May 5

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My Mo Mochi Ice CreamCourtesy Aldi

Mochi Ice Cream

Not familiar with mochi? Now’s the time to give this Japanese frozen treat a try.

$4.88 / Available May 12

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Ambiano Smart Indoor GardenCourtesy Aldi

Ambiano Smart Indoor Garden

No space for an outdoor garden (or any patience for weeding)? Bring the garden inside with this handy gadget. Don’t forget seeds for the best herbs to grow indoors!

$39.99 / Available May 12

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Park Street Deli Summer Pickle Chips SlicesCourtesy Aldi

Park Street Deli Summer Pickle Chips

We’ll be snacking on Aldi pickle chips like potato chips.

$2.49 / Available May 14

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Range Master Barbecue CaddyCourtesy Aldi

Range Master Barbecue Caddy

Keep your BBQ essentials in one place with this handy caddy.

$14.99 / Available May 19

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Park Street Deli Spicy Fruit SalsasCourtesy Aldi

Park Street Deli Spicy Fruit Salsa

A batch of cinnamon chips would be perfect for scooping up a serving of fresh fruit salsa.

$2.49 / Available May 19

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Organic Herbs Assorted VarietiesCourtesy Aldi

3″ Organic Herbs

These fresh herbs will not only brighten any meal, but they will also look charming on your kitchen windowsill. The available varieties include rosemary, mint and basil, so arrive early for the best selection.

$2.49 / Available May 19

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Buffalo Wild Wings Fan Fave Sauce PackCourtesy Aldi

Buffalo Wild Wings Fan Fave Sauces

Bring the restaurant to your backyard grill with this Buffalo Wild Wings sauce pack.

$3.89 / Available May 19

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Earth Grown Tofu Vegan DumplingsCourtesy Aldi

Earth Grown Vegan Dumplings

To take your taste buds on an international journey, look for these dumplings in Tofu & Vegetable and Thai Basil varieties.

$3.99 / Available May 19

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Banana BabiesCourtesy Aldi

Diana’s Bananas Banana Babies

“There’s always money in the banana stand!”

$3.89 / Available May 26

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Barissimo Cold BrewCourtesy Aldi

Barissimo Cold Brew

When the weather gets hot, we love to reach for a tall glass of cold brew. Who doesn’t?!

$3.99 / Available May 26

Here’s the difference between cold brew and iced coffee.

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Crofton Countertop Compost BinCourtesy Aldi

Crofton Countertop Compost Bin

You can compost your food scraps to go green in the kitchen. This convenient (and adorable!) compost bin is just what you need to get started.

$14.99 / Available May 26

Susan Bronson
Susan Bronson is a writer and editor based in Northern Wisconsin.
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