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20 Aldi Finds That Will Put a Spring in Your Step This May

If you're a fan of Aldi, you know (and love!) their special deals. Here are the Aldi Finds to look for during the month of May.

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De la Costa White Sangriavia

White Wine Sangria

This was spotted at Aldi last week by @aldi.mademedoit, and people are going bonkers over the bottle! It has a resealable top, so you can repurpose the bottle for DIY infused vodka when you’re done with the sangria.

$9.99 / Available now

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Aldi dill pickle cashewsCourtesy Aldi

Dill Pickle Cashews

Can’t get enough of that pickle-y goodness? Put down the pickle chips and pick up a handful of these tangy cashews.

$2.99 / Available now

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Emporium Selection Mothers Day Cheese Wensleydale Strawberry ProseccoCourtesy Aldi

Mother’s Day Cheese

Make the most of Mother’s Day this year by gifting the mom in your life with indulgent cheeses like Mature Cheddar and Wensleydale with Strawberry & Prosecco.

$3.99 / Available May 6

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Crofton Water Bottle Double Wall SS 25oz BlueCourtesy Aldi

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

If you’re looking for the best water bottle to help you get all eight glasses per day, look no further than Aldi!

$6.99 / Available May 6

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ourney To French Butter Cookies Lemon AlmondCourtesy Aldi

French Butter Cookies

We can’t get over how decadent French cookies are, and these, available in lemon, berry and sea salt caramel will have you saying “ooh la la” with just one bite!

$1.99 / Available May 6

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Journey To Wavy Potato Chips WasabiCourtesy Aldi

Wasabi Chips

Spice up snack time with a handful of wasabi chips you won’t be able to put down.

$1.69 / Available May 6

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Clancy's Cinnamon ChurrosCourtesy Aldi

Cinnamon Churros

These snackable churro spirals are perfect for a midday pick-me-up or a quick dessert after dinner.

$0.99 / Available May 13

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Gardenline Beverage Stakes In Use GroupCourtesy Aldi

Beverage Stakes

Make sipping poolside extra easy with beverage stakes that hold your White Claw.

$2.99 / Available May 13

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Crofton Powder Coated Moscow Mule Mug TealCourtesy Aldi

Moscow Mule Mugs

You’ll want to make every kind of Moscow mule in one of these adorable mugs, available in teal, pink and gray.

$3.99 / Available May 13

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Clancys roasted sweet corn popcornCourtesy @theamazingaldi/instagram

Sweet Corn Popcorn

Have you ever craved your favorite corn on the cob recipe but bite-sized? This sweet corn popcorn is the best new flavor innovation, and we can’t help but eat the whole bag.

$1.79 / Available May 20

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Park Street Deli Chicken Salad ChipotleCourtesy Aldi

Chipotle Chicken Salad

Your summertime dinner just got a whole lot spicier thanks to Aldi’s chipotle chicken salad.

$3.99 / Available May 20

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Crane 4 in a Row In UseCourtesy Aldi

Giant 4-in-a-Row


Liven up your patio with one of the best outdoor summer games bound to keep everyone on their toes.

$29.99 / Available May 20

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Banzai 3 in 1 Splash Park In UseCourtesy Aldi

Splash Park

Skip the trip to the water park—Aldi has you covered when it comes to chilling out and cooling off.

$29.99 / Available May 20

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Banzai 3 in 1 Splash Park In UseCourtesy Aldi

Dog Ice Cream

Fido deserves a treat, too! This doggy ice cream is perfect for cooling down your furry friend, and don’t forget to top it off with some homemade dog treats.

$2.99 / Available May 20

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Barissimo Cold Brew Coffee Kit ColombianCourtesy Aldi

Cold Brew Kits

Because everyone needs a caffeine-packed pick-me-up on those early Monday mornings.

$3.99 / Available May 27

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Benner Loose Leaf Tea Black BreakfastCourtesy Aldi

Loose Leaf Tea

This collection of tasty loose leaf teas in Breakfast Blend, Berry and Peach Lemon makes a perfect gift for a tea lover.

$4.99 / Available May 27

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L'oven Fresh Hawaiian BagelsCourtesy Aldi

Hawaiian Bagels

Get the oh, so sweet taste of Hawaiian bread every morning with Aldi’s all-new bagels.

$1.99 / Available May 27

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Crofton Cold Brew Coffee System Grey With FilterCourtesy Aldi

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Need a way to mix up that cold brew recipe just right? Aldi’s got your back.

$12.99 / Available May 27

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Clancy's Apple Chips CinnamonCourtesy Aldi

Apple Chips

Get snacking on these guiltless apple chips, available in Original and Cinnamon flavors.

$1.69 / Available May 27

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L'oven Fresh Lemon Crème or Blueberry Breakfast BreadCourtesy Aldi

Breakfast Bread

This bread comes in flavors like Lemon Creme and Blueberry, and we bet it will make the best toast ever. Is it time for breakfast yet?

$3.99 / Available May 27

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