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15 Aldi Finds We’ll Be Looking for in July 2022

Dive into summer with hot Aldi Finds, all coming to your neighborhood store this July!

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Dunkaroos Ecomm Via Aldivia merchant

General Mills Dunkaroos

Dunkaroos, a lunch box staple of the ’90s, are now at Aldi! This is the perfect treat to send with the kids to day camp.

$1.79 / Available July 6

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Giambellino Mango Bellini Ecomm Via Aldi.comvia merchant

Giambellino Mango Bellini

The famous mango Bellini is back. Start the weekend with brunch and a sparkling cocktail.

$5.99 / Available July 6

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Rose Ice Cream Cones Ecomm Via Aldivia merchant

Rose Ice Cream Cones

How gorgeous is this Sundae Shoppe creation? It’s available in two flavors: Strawberry & Cream and Chocolate Hazelnut & Vanilla.

$3.99 / Available July 6

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Tahini And Chickpea Protein Bowl Ecomm Via Aldivia merchant

Tahini & Chickpea Protein Bowl

When it’s so hot you don’t want to even think about turning on the oven, this microwave-friendly meal will save the day.

$2.99 / Available July 13

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Rosemary And Feta Kettle Chips Ecomm Via Aldivia merchant

Rosemary & Feta Kettle Chips

Take a trip to the Greek islands! Your taste buds will thank you.

$1.99 / Available July 13

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Fit And Active 20 Calorie Bars Ecomm Via Aldivia merchant

Fit & Active 20 Calorie Bars

These mini frozen treats will hit the spot on a hot summer night.

$2.29 / Available July 13

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Nature's Nectar Sparkling Strawberry Varieties Ecomm Via Aldi.comvia merchant

Nature’s Nectar Sparkling Juice

I can’t wait to use these sparkling sodas as a mixer in a spritz cocktail!

$3.79 / Available July 13

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Cookie Butter Dessert Hummus Ecomm Via Aldivia merchant

Dessert Hummus

Dip into this Biscoff-inspired hummus with fresh fruit, vanilla wafers or graham crackers.

$2.49 / Available July 13

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Loma Linda Plant Based Taco Filling Ecomm Via Aldivia merchant

Loma Linda Plant-Based Taco Filling

Whether you’re celebrating Meatless Monday or Taco Tuesday, this plant-based taco filling is ready in 60 seconds.

$2.99 / Available July 13

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707384 S Jnp Creambars Chocolatefudgevia merchant

Jonny Pops Chocolate Fudge Cream Bars

It’s not summer without a box of fudge bars in the freezer!

$3.97 / Available July 20

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706986 S Psd Salsa Texascaviarvia merchant

Park Street Deli Texas Caviar

This iconic southwest dip is perfectly paired with tortilla chips.

$3.29 / Available July 20

Psst… Have you heard about this TikTok cowboy caviar recipe?

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Simply Nature Acai Superfruit Packs Ecomm Via Aldivia merchant

Simply Nature Acai Superfruit Packs

You can have a morning smoothie ready in a minute with this handy upgrade.

$3.99 / Available July 27

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Mama Cozzis Pizza Kitchen Hot Honey Pepperoni Ecomm Via Aldivia merchant

Mama Cozzi’s Hot Honey Pepperoni Pizza

Mama Cozzi’s pizza with a pretzel crust? Count us in.

$5.49 / Available July 27

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Fatboy Sugar Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich Ecomm Via Aldivia merchant

FatBoy Sugar Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

This might belong our list of the best ice cream sandwiches.

$4.48 / Available July 27

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Pork Ribs Stlouis Hero Ecomm Via Aldi.comvia merchant

St. Louis Pork Spareribs

You can grill perfect ribs at home—and the price is right, too.

$2.99 per pound / Available July 27

Susan Bronson
Susan Bronson is a writer and editor based in Northern Wisconsin.