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8 Easter Desserts You Can Get at Aldi Right Now

No time to bake for Easter? Aldi's got you covered.

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Belmont Banana CakeCourtesy Merchant

Plant-Based Carrot, Chocolate or Banana Cake

Nothing says Easter like carrot cake! This dairy-free cake is topped off with cream cheese alternative icing and can be defrosted for a quickly served dessert. It’s only $7.49—and everyone at your small Easter party can have seconds. And if carrot isn’t your favorite flavor, you can also get chocolate or banana!

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Belmont Banana Creme PieCourtesy Merchant

Banana Creme Pie

You can serve a slice of pie warm, with a scoop of our Test Kitchen’s favorite vanilla ice cream. These delicious pies weigh in at 2 lb and are just $4.99 each.

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Two Bite CupcakesCourtesy Merchant

Two-Bite Cupcakes

The only thing cuter than a cupcake? An assortment of mini cupcakes! These pretty treats come with a two-tone frosting in a box of 12. And yep, they’re a steal at just $2.89.

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7 Layer Dessert BarsCourtesy Merchant

7-Layer Dessert Bars

Why have 1 sweet treat when you can have 7-in-1? These bars come with a graham cracker crust topped off with coconut flakes, pecans and butterscotch and chocolate chips, and you can get 8 for just $4.69. If you love these, you’ll love our favorite dessert bar recipes.

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Frosted Sugar CookiesCourtesy Merchant

Frosted Sugar Cookies

These classics are great for any occasion, but especially for slipping into Easter baskets. Grab a box of 10 for $2.89.

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Strawberry Rhubarb PieCourtesy Merchant

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Spring and summer combine in this sweet, tangy pie. This delightful pie weighs in at 3 lb and is only $12.97. We call that an Easter steal!

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Spring MacaronsCourtesy Merchant

Spring Macarons

These seasonal macron flavors can’t be missed! For just $4.59, you can get 2 each of blueberry, raspberry, lemon, pistachio, blood orange and coconut. Just make sure you brush up on the difference between macrons and macaroons before buying!

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Easter Eggs Cookie KitCourtesy Merchant

Easter Eggs Cookie Kit

You can have your cookies and eat ’em, too. Take all the work out of baking with these egg-shaped cookies that come with all the bells and whistles you need for great decoration. The whole kit comes in at just $4.99.

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