The Best 9×9 Pans for Cooking and Baking

The 9x9 pan = a kitchen staple. For a dish that will bake bars, cakes and casseroles—and look good, too—here are the pans to buy.

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Classic Nonstick Cake Pan

You’ll probably want to have at least one of these basic nonstick cake pans in your cupboard for baking cakes, like this blackberry streusel coffee cake. It never hurts to have an extra for square layer cakes, either.

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OXO Pro Cake Pan

OXO makes a pro-grade pan that has a micro-textured pattern on the bottom to promote airflow and even baking. You won’t be able to resist seconds of these unusual cinnamon rolls that will bake up with fluffy ease!

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Nordic Ware Aluminum Pan

You won’t ruin the top of a mile-high casserole recipe with aluminum foil or plastic wrap when you prep it in this Nordic Ware pan that comes with a lid. Bonus: Nordic Ware pans are made in the USA!

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Everyday White Baking Dish

This white porcelain square baking dish is perfect for everyday use, and it’s microwave and dishwasher safe, too. The classic design with handles is ready for any of your family’s most-requested casseroles.

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Springform Square Pan

When your craving for cheesecake or upside-down cake comes calling, a non-stick springform pan is the way to go. It offers you an effortless release, and holds its form without any leaking or spilling over.

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Silicone Pan

For delicate recipes like buttery cornbread that need to be handled carefully, a silicone pan like this is ready to be popped in the oven. Silicone makes for fast food release and easy cleanup without ruining your baked goods.

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