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50 Products That Will Fill Your Kitchen With State Pride

We all carry pride for our home state and these kitchen items prove it! From coasters to cheese boards and even waffle makers, what will you find for your state?

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Cutting board with fork and knife on rustic wooden planks background. American cuisine food conceptShutterstock/Africa Studio

From coast to coast, there is one thing we all share: Pride for our state. Sometimes it’s our home state and other times it’s where we’ve chosen to live. In any case, these kitchen items will bring out the pride you carry for it. Read on to discover the item that has been chosen to represent your state.

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Alabama Flour Sack Towel

Who can’t use an extra tea towel or two in the kitchen? Especially when it’s as cute as this one! Grab one on Etsy ($12.50) and share your Alabama pride.

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Alaska Berry Colander

Alaskan cuisine isn’t all salmon and wild game. Some amazing fresh ingredients, like wild berries, also come from the wilderness believe it or not. Treat those fresh finds like gold and clean them in a beautifully glazed berry colander made right in Kenai ($30).

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Arizona Platter

From Phoenix to Tuscon, Rattlesnakes to tree frogs; this handmade platter ($38) covers all the key ingredients that make Arizona so unique. Both natives to The Copper State, as well as those who just appreciate it in all its glory will want this platter. And if you really want to drive home the Arizona pride, serve up some of this Arizona cornbread.

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Arkansas Print

Printed right in Fayetteville, this piece of Arkansas-style art ($12) will make you feel right at home. Frame it up in the kitchen to make all your guests feel welcome as you prepare some sweet tea.

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California Garlic Infused Olive Oil

Food-wise, California is associated with a lot of things: Avocados, almonds and artichokes to name a few. What many people don’t know is that California grows 95% of the olives produced in the United States, according to The California Olive Ranch. The garlic infused oil ($11) is just one of many that would be delicious in any recipe.

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Colorado State Flag Copper Mugs

In terms of activity, Colorado is unmistakably known for skiing and snowboarding due to its high altitude and ideal conditions. What could possibly be better after a day on the slopes than a steaming cup of hot chocolate or perhaps, a Moscow Mule? The latter would be best served in these copper mugs ($40) adorned with the Colorado State flag.

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Connecticut Camp Mug

Is there anything like fall in New England? Capture those cozy vibes with and adorable Connecticut camp mug ($15) from Etsy. Fill it to the top with hot chocolate and these creative additions.

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Delaware Short Tumblers

Show off your state pride with a subtle, but still very cool rocks glass from Etsy ($16). It’s just the thing to hold your Old Dominion Root Beer!

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Florida Candle

Florida may be hot, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for candles, especially this one that gives off natural state aromas ($29.95). The Homesick scented candle smells like citrus, bergamot, woody mangroves, Spanish moss, vanilla and amber.  It’s sure to freshen up the smell of any kitchen.

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Georgia Mug

Georgia is one of the sweetest states around. It’s bustling with things to do, but at the center of it all, it’s grounded in southern charm. That’s why we love this mug ($14.95) that captures the states playfulness and love.

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Hawaii Placemats

Whether for everyday use, or brought out for your next luau themed dinner, one thing is for sure: these Hawaiian placemats will evoke a sense of nostalgia that only vintage greeting cards can. In any case, they will look great round this DIY centerpiece.

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Idaho Kitchen Soap

Whipping up all your favorite Idaho recipes can leave you with a stack of dishes and dishpan hands. No worries, though! This handmade soap from Gurvine Family Farms ($5) cleanses tired hands and exfoliates with natural cornmeal.

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Illinois Cast Iron Skillet

Illinois, specifically Chicago, home of the deep dish pizza and one of America’s most favorite foods. You’re already the talk of the town if you bring a homemade deep dish pizza to the party, but imagine if you brought one in the shape of your home state? This cast iron skillet ($87) is handmade and pre-seasoned so it’s ready to use right out of the box.

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Indiana State Bamboo Serving Board

Bamboo is not only one of the most renewable resources in the world, but is also stronger than most hardwoods. That is why this serving board ($30) featuring many of the memorable neighborhoods of Indianapolis can not only handle whatever blade comes its way, but will also look good serving up these Indiana-Style corn dogs.

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Iowa Coasters

Lantern Press Artwork has a long-standing history of providing various types of artwork in the homes of many people, on the walls of restaurants, and even on film sets. They are chosen over many of their competitors due to their reliability and beautiful designs; a feature these coasters ($20) are not without.

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Kansas Cutting Board

The biggest perk of living in such a symmetrical, rectangular-shaped state? It makes the perfect model for a state-themed cutting board ($30). Engraved with landmarks and iconic state symbols (hello, wild sunflowers!), this sturdy bamboo cutting board will remind you of home every time you chop nuts for Kansas-favorite Hazelnut Pie.

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Kentucky Outdoorsman Mug

Modern with a bit of a vintage flair, we can’t get enough of this metal mug from Hilda Lea ($15). Pour yourself a cuppa in the mug when you enjoy these Kentucky recipes.

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Louisiana Fleur de Lis Bottle Opener

For just $10, you can add a little Louisiana flair to your kitchen. This wall-mounted bottle opener (shipped right from New Orleans!) is just the thing to keep the good times rolling at your house whether or not you call the Pelican State home.

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Maine Wooden Serving Tray

Maine is equally a place as it is a way of life. Slow down, take it easy and serve up some cocktails on this rustic, handmade tray ($80). It should fit right in at any comfortable Maine home.

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Maryland Blue Crab Spoon Rest

Every kitchen needs a good place to put your ladle when you’re cooking up some scrumptious soup. A blue crab decorates this handmade ceramic spoon rest ($20) that is so cute you’ll be proud to keep it on the counter whether in use or not.

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Massachusetts Pint Glass

In the ’80s craft beer revolutionized the way we think about beer and Massachusetts was right in the middle of it with the likes of Sam Adams (among others). This pint glass ($14) can be personalized to represent any city and state, is etched glass, and completely dishwasher safe. If beer isn’t your thing you can always show your state pride when sipping on this dill Bloody Mary.

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Michigan Bamboo Coaster Set

After a day on the lake or cheering on the football team, it’s nice to come home and cool off with an ice-cold drink. Now, you’ll have the perfect place to set it down with these state-shaped bamboo coasters ($12.99). If you can’t get enough of your favorite state, snag a matching cutting and serving board.

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Minnesota Casserole Dish

In Minnesota, hotdish is one word and interchangeable with “casserole.” This charming casserole dish ($40) is unique in that it depicts popular hot-dishes by region such as tater tot casserole and pasty pie.

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Mississippi Cheese Slicer

This gorgeous cheese slicer ($70) has five stars across the board for its reviews and it’s no wonder why. Made of Cherry, walnut and herringbone, the inlay alone speaks volumes of its divine craftsmanship. Every piece is coated with food grade oil and wax and has a lifetime warranty. On display or in use– this piece will turn heads!

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Missouri Plate

Simple yet classy, this Missouri shaped plate ($80) is part of a collection known as The Fifty United Plates. The idea behind it is that we all have ties somewhere; a place where our roots reside, or perhaps not where we’ve been, but where we are. The plate is beautiful as a decorative piece, but is well-made with dedication and attention to detail to be used in a more functional manner.

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Montana Cutting Board

If you call Montana your home on the range, you might want to snag this bit of kitchen swag. This solid wood board is made right in Butte ($125) and is just right for prepping or serving these satisfying Montana recipes.

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Nebraska Bottle Opener

Folks from Nebraska love beer. One thing they often explain to out-of-towners is that they like their beer the same color as their favorite sports team- red. Using beer to make a Bloody Mary is (in some places) referred to as a Midwest Mary. Whatever the color, this wall mounted bottle opener ($41) is just whatever beer-loving, Nebraska native needs.

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Nevada Fresh Coffee Sign

Set up your kitchen with a little vintage flair straight from Reno, Nevada. This adorable handmade sign ($15) lets your friends and family know that. coffee is at the ready. Be sure to serve it up alongside a good coffee cake.

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New Hampshire Wine Charms

Seriously, how charming is this collection of handmade wine glass charms ($20)? Instead of wine, try serving mead, an ancient beverage made of fermented honey and fruits (and special to New Hampshire), at your next dinner party. Stick to the New Hampshire theme by serving lobster rolls and cider doughnuts for dessert.

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New Jersey Wall Decoration

This wooden wall hanging ($44.95) has “home” written on it in beautiful cursive, and is complete with a mason jar to use as storage, decor or a vase. It’s just as beautiful as the state it’s modeled after.

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New Mexico Cream and Sugar Containers

It’s no surprise that New Mexico is known for their hot and spicy cuisine. That is why these handmade cream and sugar dishes ($45) would be the perfect addition to any Southwest kitchen. And if you’re feeling saucy just turn the sugar container into a salsa dish.

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New York Sign

Whether you grew up in the hustle and bustle of New York City, camped in the Adirondacks or simply dream of living there one day, New York has a little something for everyone— which is why so many people love it! This wall hanging ($8) adds a simplistic detail to your cooking space, while pointing you in the direction of home— just like food! 

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North Carolina Drink Sleeve

Keep your hands warm while showing your state pride by slipping this handmade drink sleeve ($16) over your soda, beer, or other bottled beverage. The stitched heart adds just the right amount of charm to this already cute design.

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North Dakota Kitchen Towel

Midwesterners know how to poke fun of themselves. Why not have a little fun with this very Midwest saying with this adorable dish towel ($14) made right in Fargo. It’s just the thing to have on hand if one of your hotdishes bubbles over.

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Ohio Utensil Crock

Displaying Ohio’s main points of interest, this utensil crock ($15) will free up that cluttered drawer in your kitchen (we’ve all got one) and will hold all your handy kitchen tools at arm’s length for when you’re making some of these delicious homemade pasta recipes.

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Oklahoma State Love Mug

It’s hard to describe Oklahoma. It’s packed with culture and has everything from vast plains and diverse landscapes to western and cowboy influences. It’s just full of surprises! This chic mug ($4.99) has a surprise interior design that pays homage to the Sooner State.

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Oregon Leather Mug Hugger

Turn your morning cuppa into a rustic treat with this genuine leather mug hugger ($16) made right in Portland. Slip it onto a standard mason jar and you’re ready to go.

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Pennsylvania Cutting Board

A good cutting board ($45) is necessary when preparing Philly cheese steaks. This particular one is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing in the shape of Pennsylvania.

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Rhode Island Wine Bag

This stylish wine bag ($16) features an artistic approach to Rhode Island’s capital, Providence. Made of neoprene, it is not only durable, but will keep your chilled wine cold until it’s ready to drink.

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South Carolina Coasters

Show of your South Carolina charm with these rustic coasters ($20). They’re just the thing to keep your table clean while you sit and enjoy a glass of sweet tea or lemonade.

Be sure to check out all our best lemonade recipes here.

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South Dakota Tote Bag

Heading to your local farmers market so you can make some tasty South Dakotan recipes? Well, you better grab a reusable bag! This tote ($20), made in Sturgis, is just what you need.

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Tennessee Hand Towel

“Rocky Top,” one of Tennessee’s ten official songs rests in the heart of many of the state’s residents. This hand towel ($10) would be perfect in any Tennessee lover’s kitchen; for looks and clean up after this Tennessee peach pudding dessert.

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Texas Waffle Maker


Texans are distinctly known for showcasing their state pride and this waffle maker ($58) is just one of many examples. Put your state pride on display when you make these waffles in the shape of the great state. As they say: “Go big, or go home!”

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Utah Customized Wooden Spoons

Get your hands on a customized piece of kitchen swag from Provo, Utah. These laser-etched spoons ($12.50) can be customized with names, sayings or even beautiful patterns.

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Vermont Wine Cork Display

There are many reasons why we drink wine. First and foremost, it’s delicious, but also to celebrate. Preserve the memories of such celebrations by saving the corks in the wall mounted wine cork display ($40) shaped like the great state of Vermont. And if you need a special dessert to celebrate with, try this chocolate strawberry celebration cake.

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Virginia Acrylic Tray

Virginia is for lovers, and what better way to show someone you care than bringing them breakfast in bed? Kick it up a notch by serving up the morning munchies on this colorful Virginia themed tray ($38.65). 

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Washington Swoozie Set

Washington State is praised for its unique landscape, and while the weather isn’t always as pretty, some people enjoy the gloomier skies. But there’s plenty more to this western state than that, and this set of frosted glasses ($65.95) includes it all. We love the colors and we love seeing everything Washingtonians stand for.

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West Virginia Cake Topper

Showing off your state pride has never been easier with this cake topper shaped like West Virginia. Just stick it on top of your favorite cake and get ready for compliments! (it’s especially perfect for a homecoming cake decoration!)

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Wisconsin Party Coasters

Wisconsin is known for its beer and cheese. Not sure about you, but those sound like the basis for a great party! Get your party started with some classic Wisconsin recipes and these adorable coasters ($8) from HANmade Milwaukee. Coasters not your thing? They’ve got party trays and more that celebrate this great state.

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Wyoming Cake Pan

Wyoming is often known for its wide open space and the wild horses that occupy it. This unique cake pan ($39) beautifully evokes the feel of the “Cowboy State.” Transporting cakes has never been easier (or more stylish!)

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