Would You Pay $1,000 for Costco’s Ultimate Emergency Kit?

This emergency food kit will set you back a pretty penny. Would you pay that much to be prepared?

Expansive stacking of canned goodsPhoto: Costco

Costco is a bulk shopper’s paradise (let us count the ways). We love the store for its great discounts on everything from groceries to vacations—plus these other membership perks. But would you go so far as to make the ultimate bulk purchase—an entire year’s worth of food?

The wholesale giant offers a one-year supply of emergency foods for $999.99 delivered right to your door. While the emergency food kit has been available for years, recent natural disasters are seeing the product’s popularity soar. But what exactly do you get for $1,000?

This just-in-case collection includes 96 one-gallon cans of pantry staples. We’re talking rice, beans, wheat, freeze-dried vegetables and dehydrated fruits. Worried about the dishes being bland while preparing for the zombie apocalypse? Costco’s got you covered. The ultimate emergency food pallet comes with instant milk, white sugar, freeze-dried onions and plenty of salt. While these ingredients won’t allow you to make a comforting Sunday supper (we’ve got 50 of our favorite recipes here), they will provide you with enough food to eat for 365 days.

The Costco emergency food kit is a major purchase, but it’s worth noting that all the included essentials have a shelf life of 25 years (have you seen our list of foods that never expire?). And while we hope to never have to rely on our emergency backups, it’s always good to be prepared. This kit allows consumers to have peace of mind for the next two decades.

Want to feed your whole family for a year? Costco has a kit for that, too. It’s a cool $5,999.99 and boasts a whopping 36,000 servings.

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