Woman Loses 155 Pounds by Cutting Out These Four Foods

Busy mom Casey Gemmell has lost 155 pounds—and she's still going! How? By nixing just four foods from her diet (and adding in exercise, too).

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While Australian Casey Gemmell had never been a “tiny” girl, she never thought she was “THAT big,” according to a post in her inspirational Facebook group. But at her heaviest, the mother of two weighed 349 pounds. After she saw photos of herself from her young son’s birthday party, she knew she needed to make changes in regard to weight loss. Stuck in a weight-loss rut? These 5 habits could be hurting your progress.

As anyone who has decided to lose weight knows, exercise is very important. Gemmell began running three times a week and then added a Zumba class into her weekly regimen. However, even after those changes she still felt “yuk.” She knew she had to make changes to her diet in order to truly get healthy, so she cut out the following four foods:


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The problem with most cheeses is that the average one is made of up of 70 percent fat, and not the good kind of fats either like olives, avocados and walnuts. (Psst! This rosemary walnut recipe is the perfect heathy snack!) Cheese is actually considered a “bad” fat, or more appropriately, saturated fat. The problem with saturated fats is that they cause cholesterol to build up in your blood stream and may cause heart disease.

Some cheeses, however, are lower in saturated fats, making them the go-to choice if you simply can’t cut out the food completely. Feta, ricotta, Parmesan and mozzarella are a few that are often allowed, and even encouraged (in moderation), in most diets. Our top 25 Mediterranean-inspired recipes put those good cheeses to work.


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Carbohydrates—we love them, but we hate what they can do to us. Carbohydrates, but especially refined grains (as opposed to whole grains), have been shown to cause an increased risk of heart disease, weight gain, LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol, blood cholesterol, and more. If you choose to eat pasta, try these better-for-you pasta recipes.


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Much like pasta, bread is full of carbs, which may cause many of the undesired effects mentioned above. Unfortunately, refining grains removes the healthful germ and bran, causing a higher calorie food that leaves you feeling hungry faster. (A vicious little cycle, that one.) Though many people, including Gemmell, choose to cut out the food completely, moderation is key. This multigrain bread recipe is a better alternative to plain white bread if you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to bread. Try more low-carb recipes, here.

Soft Drinks

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There are a number of reasons why soft drinks are bad for your health, which is why you will not find a diet that condones them. In regard to weight loss, non-diet soft drinks have a huge amount of sugar in them which can cause obesity, insulin resistance, heart disease and diabetes. Because water is the absolute best for your body, try these infused water recipes to add a flavor pop to your water.

“I was literally shrinking before my own eyes…,” said Gemmell, who’s still on her weight loss journey. She has recently started a GoFundMe page to help raise money for post-weight loss surgery.

Feeling inspired? Kick start your diet with these healthy recipes.
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