This Creamery in Wisconsin Is Giving Away Free Milk to Those in Need

Here's your feel-good news for today.

If any good has come out of the current pandemic, it’s that a lot of people are looking for ways to spread a little cheer and help those in need. Many folks are putting their Christmas lights back up. Celebrities are starting funds to support restaurants. And some businesses are turning their parking lots into drive-in theaters!

In that spirit of kindness, one local creamery in Wisconsin has started giving away free milk to those in its community. Read on for the heartwarming story.

Free Milk!

Sassy Cow Creamery is a dairy located just outside of Madison, Wisconsin, owned by brothers James and Robert Baerwolf and their families. Due to the ongoing pandemic, they’re giving away free milk and other dairy products in a cooler on their property. They call it the “Kindness Cooler,” and the name certainly seems apt.

“We know when things are tough, or tight, or a little uncertain or if someone is struggling, there’s nothing better than having milk in the fridge,” the Baerwolfs explain in a video posted to the creamery’s Facebook page. “Staples are the best things during these times.”

The cooler is open to community members—no need to ask or check in—and Sassy Cow plans to keep it stocked for as long as necessary. (Find out how long your milk really lasts.)

How Do They Do That?

By now, many of us have probably already heard about the dairy farmers that have had to dump milk; that’s because the U.S. doesn’t allow it to be sold unpasteurized, and many farmers don’t have that technology sitting around at their farms. Fortunately for Sassy Cow, they have the ability to pasteurize their product at the creamery, so the milk they’re giving away is perfectly safe.

At times like this, we’re grateful for people like the Baerwolfs; people who are giving back and helping their communities when they need it most. They remind us that we really are together—even when we might be sheltering solo.

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Emily Hannemann
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