This Limited-Edition Wine and Cheez-It Box Is the Product We Never Knew We Needed

Get ready for a wine and Cheez-It party. House Wine & Cheez-It made a limited-edition box with equal parts red wine and cheesy crackers.

This new take on wine and cheese is exactly what you need for your next summer get-together with friends. It’s not your typical pairing, but we’re totally on board for this witty way to elevate (and indulge in) snack food.

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Introducing Wine and Cheez-Its

House Wine and Cheez-It have come together for the ultimate collab with a new, limited-edition double-sided snack box for adults. It’s made with one-part red wine and one-part deliciously cheesy crackers. And, hey, if you don’t have the time to build your own cheese board, this grab-and-go duo will make a statement at backyard parties this summer.

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About the Wine and Cheez Pairing

House Wine carefully selected the perfect wine to bring out the cheese notes in Original Cheez-Its. The red blend used for the box—which comes with a spout for grab-and-go convenience—is a mix of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, a combination chosen by House Wine winemaker, Hal Landvoigt.

And while the pre-made combo only comes in one variety, other flavors of the cracker pair well with various styles of wine. Cheez-It recommends trying the following pairings: Zesty Cheddar Ranch Cheez-It crackers with Malbecs; White Cheddar crackers with Rosé; and Extra Toasty crackers with Sauvignon Blanc.

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Where You Can Purchase This Combo Box

You can purchase a limited-edition House Wine & Cheez-It box at for $25, while supplies last. Though, if they run out, we recommend grabbing a bottle of red blend and a box of Cheez-Its to build your own.

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