Here’s How One Wife Tricked Her Husband Into Eating Aldi Mayonnaise (For Eight Years!)

Things can get heated in the kitchen, especially when it comes to mayo brands.

There’s nothing like a good meal to bring people together, but food also has the power to be extremely divisive. We’re not just talking grilled chicken vs. fried, or if ketchup belongs on a hot dog or not. It gets as specific and nitty-gritty as disputes between brands.

When it comes to pleasing the condiment crowd, you best tread carefully, because you can be sure they’ll notice the difference between name brand and off-brand sauces, relishes and spreads. Unless, of course, you resort to this devious kitchen tactic from TikTok user @mayoswindler.

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That’s one way to keep Aldi mayonnaise in your kitchen—for eight whole years.

Here’s How She Did It

Most of our kitchen hacks are all about technique, but this one requires some additional strategy.

In her TikTok, @mayoswindler shared that she has been swapping Hellmann’s mayo with the Aldi brand for the last eight years, since her husband refuses to eat anything but. To do so, she simply scoops Aldi mayo into a finished Hellmann’s jar, and that’s it. The only other tip she has is to check the expiration date every now and then, just to make sure it doesn’t sell out your plan.

Now, while we’re not about straining family relationships, this is a harmless form of kitchen trickery. Plus, Aldi products deserve all the love.

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Is Hellmann’s the Best Mayonnaise, Though?

This question is a controversial one, we know. Still, TikTok users had plenty to say in the comments about their preferred mayo.

“I only eat Kraft Mayo… I can tell the difference like I knowwwww,” shared one TikTok user in the comments. Another posted “The real crime here is that Dukes is the best.”

Still, many commenters showed their support for Aldi mayo over anything else. “Honestly the Aldi brand is better than Hellmans in my opinion! I never thought I would find a mayo that was as good as if not better than that!” one user shared.

So, yes, even condiments divide people. For our personal take on mayonnaise, check out our mayo taste test.

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