Why You Shouldn’t Pay for Water in Disney World

Buying bottled water at the park throughout the day can really add up.

If you plan on riding Space Mountain, meeting your favorite princesses and spinning around on the teacups under the hot Florida sun all day, you need to remember to also stay hydrated. Buying bottled water throughout the day in the park can add up though, but with this little-known Disney World tip, you’ll be able to cool down and quench your thirst for free. Make sure you pick up some of the best food at Disney.

The smart thing to do is plan ahead and bring a reusable water bottle with you. You’ll be able to refill it at any of the water mains around the park. However, if you don’t feel like lugging a heavy water bottle around with you all day, or you forgot it at home, just ask one of the many restaurants around Disney for a cup of water.

According to the book, Walt Disney World Hacks, all counter service restaurants will give you a cup of water (with or without ice) when you ask, completely free of charge. And the best part is that you’re not even required to purchase food or another drink. All you have to do is ask the cashier for some water and then take your receipt over to the food pick-up counter. Hand your receipt to one of the Cast Members and they’ll give you your drink. The Disney employee will gladly hand you your water.

On really hot summer days, they put out ice water dispensers throughout the park so make sure to keep your cup with you to refill. Now that you know how to stay hydrated, check out these insider secrets to make your next Disney World vacation the best one yet.

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