3 Reasons Why You Should Always Wear Dish Gloves at the Sink

Dish gloves should be your new kitchen BFF.

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I didn’t always use rubber gloves when washing dishes. I got my first pair of dish gloves in my mid-twenties as a gift from my best friend after she realized I didn’t own any. She couldn’t fathom how I had gone my whole life without ever putting on a pair. Truthfully, I didn’t think it was a big deal. I used my favorite dish scrubber and regularly cleaned the dishwasher. But now that I’ve started using dish gloves, I can never, ever go back to washing dishes without them. Here’s why.

1. You’ll Use Hotter Water

Dish gloves protect you from the heat, so you can use hotter water than you would with bare hands. Since hot water is the key to getting your dishes clean, this is an important step. When I used to wash dishes with my bare hands, I kept the water temperature mild enough so I wouldn’t be too uncomfortable when cleaning up after Taco Tuesday dinners. I also rushed through it so my hands wouldn’t scald when I did turn up the heat. With dish gloves, you won’t think twice about making the water nice and hot, hot, hot.

2. You’ll Clean Thoroughly

Armed with a pair of dish gloves, there’s no stuck-on food I can’t tackle. I’m no longer afraid to get in there and scrub, removing burnt bits and cheese that’s stuck to the pan after making the best macaroni and cheese. This might sound strange, but wearing dish gloves helps me commit to the task at hand and get those pots and pans squeaky clean. It’s even—dare I say it—a little fun! When you’re not worried about getting your hands dirty, you’ll clean more thoroughly.

3. Your Hands Won’t Dry Out

Dry hands aren’t pleasant. They crack and can even hurt. If you wash your hands a lot, then you know wet hands dry out fast. You may even find yourself making one-dish meals in order to make dish duty go faster. Using dish gloves is a small step that makes a big impact in preventing your hands from drying out.

Pro tip: Slather on lotion before putting on the gloves. The hot water will open up your pores, helping the lotion to sink in and moisturize more deeply. It’s a mini spa day at the sink!

Now that you know about the benefits of using dish gloves, it’s time to treat yourself to a pair (they’re not expensive!). Happy dishwashing!

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