6 Ways to Conquer Whole30 When You’re on a Budget

The Whole30 diet doesn't have to break the bank.

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Whole30 has not only revolutionized how many of us think about food, but it has built a community of like-minded, health conscious individuals. From social media to meet-ups, people get together to chat about recipes, lifestyle changes and share tips on how for conquering the Whole30 diet. But, by eating no processed foods, no sugars and only certain meats, this can all add up, even if you’re just sticking to it for the initial 30 days. But, here’s how you can save!

What is Whole30, anyway?

1. Shop at Discount Stores

Stores like Aldi and Trader Joe’s often offer items you need at a fraction of the price of high-end health food stores. Though ghee, a staple of cooking in Whole30 can be around $13-20, I was able to snag a jar at Aldi. Aldi and Trader Joe’s also offer affordable sauces, produce, eggs and even some frozen items that work well.

2. Order Online

Though some companies are Whole30 compliant, with shipping costs, these pre-approved snacks can add up. Check out amazon.com or your other favorite online retailers to find great deals on Whole30 salad dressings, meat sticks and even bacon as you prepare to get started on your Whole30 journey!

3. Buy in Bulk

When you’re on Whole30, it’s not uncommon to have new staples that you’re eating on a daily basis. I have friends who stock up on frozen butternut squash at Sam’s Club and Whole30-friendly bacon at Costco. This is also an opportunity to buy fruits and vegetables that freeze easily or stock up on eggs. Save even more by going together with your other Whole30 friends! Heading to Costco? Check out these 5 perks that only members know about!

4. Meal Share

I just heard a great idea from one of my Facebook Whole30 boards. Members that lived near each other cooked up big batches of Whole30 meals, then got together for an exchange. Nine of them went to the last meet-up and they all left with 8 additional meals for the next week or to store in their freezers.

5. Shop from a Farm

Contact a local farmer or hit up a farmer’s market to get fresh meats and produce. Going directly to the source for meat can save you substantially and allow you to fill your freezer for an entire season (or more) with beef, pork and chicken. I have saved a lot of money on groceries by purchasing meat this way.

6. Get Creative

Whole30 is strict, but there are a lot of opportunities to try new foods. Though you may initially stick to things you know you like, search your local grocery store’s circulars for Whole30-compliant items that are on sale and give them a try! You never know what you might like. (I always thought I didn’t like squash and now it’s frequently on my plate, thanks to a great sale at Kroger!)

Though Whole30 may seem daunting and expensive, by planning your meals ahead of time, making a realistic budget, and shopping at multiple stores, you can make this lifestyle change at any budget. Here are some easy ways to start meal planning this weekend!

Get started with these Whole30 recipes.
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