Whole Foods Will Release a ‘Royal’ Cheese to Welcome Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s New Baby

This may be the closest we ever come to dining with royalty.

We can’t wait for Megh and Prince Harry’s new arrival. As the due date draws nearer, we’re placing our bets on whether the royal family will be welcoming a little prince or princess. If there’s anyone more excited than us, it’s Meghan (who can go back to eating her favorite meals postpartum) and Whole Foods—yep, the grocery store.

In honor of the royal baby, Whole Foods has announced the release of specialty cheese, and you can have some, too!

A Cheesy Tribute

The new cheese, appropriately dubbed Royal Addition Cheese, is fashioned specifically for the royal baby’s tastes. Well, what Whole Foods can gather based on the royal children’s standard diets. According to the grocery giant, the English rustic cheddar cheese block is “made of the highest quality in Southwest England, the Westminster Royal Mark red cheddar cheese combines a slight pleasant tanginess and a creamy texture, with flavor notes of burnt caramel and a slightly sweet and nutty finish, to create a world-class taste, worthy of royalty.”

The cheese is a Whole Foods exclusive and will only be available at select locations. Depending on where you live, expect to see prices ranging from $9.99-$12.99. It’s a small price to pay to eat like royalty.

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When It’s Available

Whole Foods hasn’t set a date for when the cheese officially hits shelves, and there’s a good reason why. They’ve left the release date up to the Meghan Markle and the royal baby. That’s right, Royal Mark English Rustic Cheddar cheese will be released directly following the birth of the royal baby. Meghan is predicted to be giving birth toward the end of April or early May, so you may be getting your hands on this cheese sooner (or later) than you think.

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