White Claw Is Making 70-Calorie Hard Seltzers, and This Is Where to Find ‘Em

Who could pick a favorite White Claw flavor right now?!

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It seems like everyone’s on the hard seltzer train lately—and we’re here for it. With fresh flavors like Lemon, Watermelon and Tangerine joining the classic lineup of White Claws, this hard seltzer brand has been bringing out the big guns lately. Now, the first day of summer is creeping closer each day, and that means sunshine and fun times.

Just add a 70-calorie White Claw to the mix, and you’ll really have a party!

What Are the New White Claw Flavors?

It’s time to welcome Pineapple and Clementine. Branded with the name White Claw 70, these brand-new summer sippers boast only 70 calories and 0g carbs per can, compared to the 100 calories and 2g carbs per can in the original White Claw seltzers. The White Claw 70s also have a 3.7% ABV compared the usual 5% ABV, so keep that in mind. Both hard seltzers are still made with a gluten-free alcohol base, purified seltzer water and that great hint of fruit flavor.

If you haven’t tried a White Claw yet, what are you waiting for? They earned an honorable mention in our hard seltzer taste test, and with all these new flavors popping up, they may just claw themselves up the ranks!

Where Can I Find a 6-Pack?

Drizly has 6-packs of the 12 oz. cans for around $10, so you can snag a few without having to leave the house. White Claw isn’t the only hard seltzer on the market, though, and if you’re looking to try a few new flavors to fit your summer vibe, the Red, White & Berry hard seltzers are a good option as well. Happy sippin’!

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