White Chocolate Snickers Will Be Back for Good in 2020

It will be a permanent member of the Snickers lineup.

Snickers White is coming back! This candy bar was launched as a limited edition flavor last year, and fans went nuts for it. (You see what we did there?)

The white chocolate Snickers is set to roll out nationwide next year, and we’re already looking for a place to stand in line. We haven’t been this excited since the launch of Snickers Pecan!

What Do White Chocolate Snickers Taste Like?

Every bite of a Snickers White bar is like a dream. The bar has the same classic ingredients as the original favorite—caramel, peanuts and nougat—but instead of being wrapped in a layer of milk chocolate, it’s coated in rich, white chocolate.

Snickers gave us the chance to try Snickers White firsthand, and we can say it’s one of their best. The white chocolate doesn’t overpower the classic caramel, and the peanutty crunch shines through. It actually tastes like a classic Snickers, but without the distraction of chocolate.

Is white chocolate “real” chocolate? Here’s an explanation.

When Will White Chocolate Snickers Be Available?

Snickers White can be found on the shelf starting in January 2020. Since they won’t be available until after Christmas, plan to  stuff those stockings with last year’s new Snickers flavors.

You can also look out for other white chocolate candy bars now—there’s already a Twix White Chocolate out there!

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