Wendy’s JUST Launched a Rewards Program—and You Can Earn Free Frostys

It's time to go pick up a Baconator ASAP.

Like us, you probably have a separate folder on your phone dedicated to apps for fast-food rewards programs. There are so many that it only makes sense to group ’em together: Chipotle, Starbucks, Panera, Noodles & Company, Dairy Queen and McDonald’s—and that’s definitely not an exhaustive list.

But there was always one chain that we wished had a rewards app. (Hint: They make square burgers.) Well, sigh no more, because Wendy’s Rewards is here!

Yes, You Can Earn Free Wendy’s

That’s why we all have the rewards apps, right? We want free stuff. For every dollar you spend at Wendy’s on food, you earn 10 points—just scan the QR code at the pickup window at the drive-thru or the checkout counter, or place an order from within the app. When you’ve earned a certain number of points, you’ll be sent an offer for a free item from the menu.

Based on the chart available on Wendy’s website, this just might be one of the better rewards programs out there.

Some fast-food apps have ridiculously high thresholds when it comes to earning something free of charge. But Wendy’s has never been shy about giving away free food, so you only need to spend $15 at Wendy’s to earn a free small Frosty, a four-piece chicken nuggets or a sausage biscuit. For 200 points—or $20—you earn a small seasoned breakfast potatoes or a small fry.

The rewards only get better from there. And let’s be honest with ourselves. On nights when we have a serious craving for fast food, we can easily spend $15 at Wendy’s. This way, at least we’re rewarded for indulging!

Here’s What to Know About the App

There are a few things to remember if you’re signing up for Wendy’s Rewards. First, you can’t buy a gift card and expect to earn rewards points, because gift card purchases don’t earn them. (If you buy something from the menu with a gift card, that counts.) You can only use one reward per order, and the rewards expire 30 days after they’re claimed, so you’ll want to keep track of how long a free item has been sitting in the app. Now, go get the app and start down the path toward free Frostys!

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