Here’s How You Can Get 5 Wendy’s Frostys for Just $1

You're in for a treat—Boo! Books are back at Wendy's!

Frosty lovers, here’s some wonderful news. Wendy’s Halloween-themed Boo! Books are back! That means there will be plenty of free Frostys to go around again this year!

What Is a Boo! Book?

Each Boo! Book contains five coupons that can be redeemed for a free Jr. Frosty. Yup, purchase the coupon book for $1 and you can enjoy five free Jr. Frosty treats! The iconic frozen shakes are available in vanilla or chocolate and are a perfect-sized snack for kids and adults alike. To further sweeten this deal, a sixth bonus Frosty coupon is available with the purchase of a $1.99 DC Superhero Kids Meal. Total score!

See how the Frosty compares to other fast-food shakes.

This Wendy’s Frosty Deal Is for a Good Cause

What’s better than a free Frosty? Knowing that 90 cents of each $1 purchase goes directly to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Thanks to fundraising programs like this, the foundation has found permanent, loving homes for more than 113,000 children in foster care. Wendy’s has raised over $300 million for the program over the past three decades.

How to Get Your Free Wendy’s Frostys

The deal, which began September 4 and lasts through October 31, means you can purchase Boo! Books at any participating Wendy’s restaurant or drive-thru while supplies last. You can also purchase Boo! Books through the Wendy’s app and DoorDash. Keep in mind that, post-coupon book purchase, the coupons last through the end of the year.

Oh—and there’s a scientific reason why dipping fries in a Frosty is so good.

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