7 Weirdly Delicious Foods You Invented in College

Well, that was better than expected.

Many us clearly remember how desperate we were when it came to college meals, especially when money was running low and we had to use whatever was lying around (we didn’t know about these tasty recipes you can make in your dorm room). Would you believe some of those college food experiments actually turned out…surprisingly good?

Make your old-school college favorite taste so much better with this genius recipe for DIY ramen soup.

1. Nachos with Marshmallows

An easy recipe here – just make some normal nachos with plain cheese but sprinkle mini marshmallows over the cheese before microwaving. Reports say that this creates a surprisingly delicious combination of flavors that you’ll want to make even when you’re not desperate. Try our apple nachos for another sweet twist.

“The marshmallows add a sort of fluffy sweet texture you just don’t get with other nachos. Now we do it all the time.” –David

2. Broccoli and Cheetos

Before you skip this one altogether, remember that broccoli and cheese are a classic combination and the basis of any number of different meals, casseroles and other popular dishes. This is just the college version, and the added bit of crunch isn’t that bad at all. Sauteing the broccoli first may be a good idea…but we’re still talking about college, here.

3. Sriracha, Peanut Butter and an Egg

Not only does this combination taste pretty good, it’s also packed with proteins and healthy fats for an energy burst at the start of the day. Plus, it’s all cheap and likely to be found in a nearly-bare refrigerator. Noodles and any type of starchy foods are also a good addition.

“Why did it take until college for me to find out that Sriracha is magic?” –Reddit

4. Grilled Fruit and Hot Sauce

Here’s another example of a frugal college experiment that tapped into classic chef experience. Fruit and hot sauces frequently go well together and are improved by a short–and free–grilling session. Try mango or pineapple, as pineapples can keep for quite a while even in a college kitchen.

5. The Pop-Tart Sandwich

For a rushed breakfast, more than one college student has whipped up two cooked Pop-Tarts and made a sandwich with them: Some of these college food creations work quite well! The peanut version is a clear winner for both calories and taste, while cheese is also a tasty option (especially with fruit versions of Pop-Tarts). We’re not going to endorse the meat versions of this sandwich, however.

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6. The Cheapest Tuna Casserole

Cook up a cup of rice, add a can of tuna and mix in a generous portion of spaghetti sauce with a bit of salsa (if you have it). The result is a pleasantly cohesive recipe that uses incredibly cheap ingredients, making this a common college favorite when real tuna casserole is a home-cooked fantasy.

“It was actually pretty good, and not that unhealthy all around. Tried subbing salsa for the spaghetti sauce once – that was great, too.”Food Beast

7. Instant Pasta

Grab some angel hair pasta or whatever other noodles are on hand, and top them with a slice of cheese, tomato soup, and any chunks of still-edible meats, including spam. It’s a classic college dish that makes use of whatever is around and turns it into something palatable.

“The only thing I had left were pasta and condiments. So I cooked up some pasta, mixed in some ketchup and mayo, and bob’s your uncle. I dare you to try it, it’s actually really nice.” –Jenny

If you thought at least one of these sounded appetizing, then check out these other bizarre food combinations.

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