How One Woman Lost 50 Pounds in Less Than a Year—and You Can, Too

Sometimes, all it takes is a little inspiration to get you started on your journey.

weightlossJessica Roman

When California native Jessica Roman decided she was going to lose weight, she knew that there was no silver bullet. She made a commitment to implementing major lifestyle changes—and guess what? She lost a massive amount of weight and is keeping it off. The 22-year-old weighed 225 pounds before starting her journey. Along the way she lost 70 pounds, then gained back about 15 pounds of muscle to meet her goal weight of 170 pounds. (Insert standing ovation here!)

Feeling inspired? We are, too. We sat down with Jessica to learn what changes she made to accomplish such an inspiring feat. Psst! Here are 10 ways to keep weight off for good.

Cut Out Junk Food

The first adjustment Jessica made was cutting down on how much junk food she was eating. She made simple swaps like choosing fruit and yogurt over ice cream and popcorn over chips. Popcorn is an incredible source of fiber and can take on tons of flavor without all the added butter and salt. Try making it the old-fashioned way so you have total control over what goes in it! This simple diet change, along with eating 3 meals per day instead of sporadic snacking helped her lose the first 40 pounds.

Eat More Fruit and Veggies

After this initial weight loss, Jessica found herself hitting a plateau. To move past this road block she started counting her calories and began following a 1,200 calorie diet. The way she kept hunger at bay while shaving off the calories was to enrich all her meals with lots of fruits and veggies. You can do the same by sneaking veggies into your favorite recipes.

Embrace Daily Exercise

Another change Jessica adopted right away was daily exercise. She initially started by taking brisk walks but once she lost all 70 pounds she took up heavy weight lifting and gained about 15 pounds of muscle. She now maintains her goal weight and rigorous exercise routine with 2,600 calories daily.

Develop a Community

One key element to which Jessica attributes her success is the community she discovered on social media sites like Youtube and Instagram (follow her @Jessicaroman517). By connecting with others going through the same health journey, Jessica was able to stay strong and motivated every step of the way. The people she met not only inspired her but also taught her tips and tricks that helped her meet her goals.

Over the course of 10 months, Jessica Roman was able to achieve what she set her mind to: an enormous amount of weight loss through diet and exercise. You go girl!

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