We Tried the Cookie Dough Cafe’s Oreo Dough–Here’s What We Thought

Love to sneak a spoonful of batter from the bowl? We tried a safe alternative to this guilty pleasure to find out if edible cookie dough stacks up to the original.

Oreo's edible cookie dough containerPhoto: Taste of Home
Photo: Taste of Home

When it comes to sweet treats, I’m a kid at heart. If cookies and cream are involved, I’m interested (these cookies and cream recipes are some of my favorites). And if cookie dough is thrown into the mix? Well, I throw caution to the wind and scrape the leftovers from the bowl. So you can only imagine my delight when I saw that a gourmet cookie dough company, The Cookie Dough Cafe, had released a new Oreo-filled flavor.

Edible cookie dough–no eggs–packed with cookie crumbles sounded like heaven to me, but would it live up to my expectations? Could it possibly replicate that straight-from-the-mixing-bowl taste? I had to find out.

Spoon pulled out from Oreo's cookie doughPhoto: Taste of Home
Photo: Taste of Home

At a Glance

As much as I love cookie dough, I’ll admit that I’ve never had one of these edible options. I was curious if this store-bought option would have the same texture as its scratch-made counterpart. Opening up the jar, it was a bit difficult to tell by the look, but right away I got that cookie aroma and I could see flecks of Oreo crumbs coming through. This treat was starting to look promising.

Spoon pulled out from Oreo's cookie doughPhoto: Taste of Home
Photo: Taste of Home

The Scoop

Enough examining–it was time for me to dig in. Taking more than a generous spoonful, I noticed that this treat was definitely more than faux dough. It looked exactly like the chocolate chip cookie dough I whipped up at home except packed with Oreo crumbles (hey, that sounds like a great idea!). Taking my first bite, I crossed my fingers hoping it would taste just as good as it looked.

As I gobbled down my first spoonful, I couldn’t believe that this treat didn’t come out of someone’s kitchen. All the familiar cookie dough boxes were being checked: a subtle hint of vanilla, the sweet (and slightly gritty) texture of brown sugar and that dense, stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth texture.

As for the Oreo, I found that the flavor got a little lost amid the ultra-rich dough flavor. Though to The Cookie Dough Cafe’s credit, plenty of cookie chunks and crumbs were incorporated throughout the container. These sweet cookies just got a little lost in the shuffle here. But I won’t count the more muted Oreo taste against this otherwise knockout treat (if you’re really craving Oreo, give this recipe a try.)

Spoon sticking out of an almost full Oreo's edible cookie dough jarPhoto: Taste of Home
Photo: Taste of Home

The Verdict

This dough is the real deal. It tastes exactly like cookies made from scratch, and for good reason. The Cookie Dough Cafe’s edible dough is made with many of the same ingredients as our favorite cookies: flour, butter, sugar and vanilla extract. The only significant difference is the lack of eggs, which makes it safe to eat raw (the eggs are replaced by canola and palm oil).

Much like its homemade cousin, this treat is probably best enjoyed in small doses. After three heaping spoonfuls, I was more than satisfied. I couldn’t eat much more of this treat on its own. But that got me thinking of all the delicious applications for this cookie dough. A few spoonfuls might be a tasty addition to an ice cream sandwich or sundae or even spread across a simple shortbread.

Are you craving more cookie dough? We have a handful desserts inspired by this treat.

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