We Tried 3 Kinds of Halloween M&M’s—One Was Scary Good

This classic candy is donning three new Halloween disguises. Find out which M&M's flavor was so good it was spooky.

Three bowls of fall M&Ms together beside their respective plastic bagsTaste of Home

Halloween is right around the corner. For me, that means candy and spooky baked treats, plus a chance to play dress-up (reigning costume-party champ here!). While I’m still brainstorming the perfect ensemble, I figured I’d seek some inspiration by sampling the latest Halloween sweets hitting supermarket shelves. You can imagine my delight when I saw M&M’s new seasonal flavors: White Candy Corn, White Pumpkin Pie, and Cookies and Screeem flavors. One of my favorite candies dressed up in three different Halloween disguises? I was sold, so I grabbed a few friends to give them a try.

White Candy Corn

Bowl of candy corn M&MsTaste of Home

Larger than their classic cousins, this new flavor comes in a spot-on color combo: candies in flat white, bright yellow and vivid–almost blinding—orange. If these M&Ms tasted anything like they looked, we all agreed, we were in for a real treat. So we dug in, hoping they’d taste like their namesake: a little caramel-y with a touch of vanilla and that almost waxy texture (which I secretly love).

I popped one in my mouth and immediately got that familiar M&M crunch. Once I got past the coating, I expected that familiar taste to reveal itself—but it never came. Instead of getting a pop of candy corn flavor in the center, it was more like an overly sweet white chocolate filling with a bland, artificial vanilla taste. Major bummer! I tried a few more just to be sure, but none of them lived up to the candy corn promise.

White Pumpkin Pie

Bowl of pumpkin pie M&MsTaste of Home
On the heels of the candy corn, we ripped open a bag of White Pumpkin Pie M&M’s. A little larger than plain M&M’s, these came in pretty, muted shades of rust, cream and harvest gold. I could picture mixing them in popcorn balls or putting them out in candy dishes on Thanksgiving.

This time, once I got through the crunchy candy shell, the unique flavor came through. There’s a white chocolate taste, but it’s less overpowering, and it’s punctuated with pleasant cinnamon, ginger and spice notes. But no pumpkin. We didn’t really mind the lack of pumpkin, but the taste-test crew agreed that this variety fell short of its name. Plus, they’re super sweet, so I doubt I could eat more than a handful.

Cookies & Screeem

Bowl of Cookies and Scream M&MsTaste of Home

We saved what I was hoping to be the best for last. Besides the fun name, these Halloween M&M’s caused instant delight for their size: They are way bigger than regular M&M’s and even bigger than the other tested flavors. The coating is also notably different than other M&M’s. Rather than a bright, solid color, these candies are black with a white paint-splatter effect—spooky and cool!

Tastewise, we were a little surprised. We were hoping to find crunchy cookie bits mixed inside these candies. While that’s not the case, the sweet white chocolate center wrapped in dark chocolate did not disappoint. Personally, I find white chocolate a bit sweet for my taste. But the dark chocolate helped to even out the flavor. My fellow taste testers remarked that these crunchy candies would be perfect for chopping up and sprinkling over ice cream, and they’d also be fun for sprinkling on recipes like these.
Three bowls of different flavor M&Ms on a checkered platterTaste of Home

The Verdict

Overall, the taste testers agreed that M&M’s Cookies and Screeem is the most crave-able of the three Halloween flavors. With the holiday fast approaching, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’d want to put these new flavors through your own taste test. If you do, let us know what you think. And if you have leftover trick-or-treat candy, you can incorporate it into these 15 recipes.

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