We Taste Tested Red Lobster’s New Gluten-Free Cheddar Bay Biscuits and We Have Zero Regrets

Gluten-free folks are in for a treat! Red Lobster's beloved cheddar bay biscuits are now available in a tasty gluten-free baking mix.

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Every year, Red Lobster serves up more than 350 million cheddar bay biscuits. Their signature recipe yields a decadent cheesy biscuit that’s so popular the internet has dozens of copycat recipes for home cooks to try. Now, gluten-free diners can share the love. The company released a baking mix for gluten-free cheddar bay biscuits!

Red Lobster already sells a cheddar bay baking mix made with traditional wheat flour. Starting right about now, Red Lobster announced that it will sell a mix made without gluten, too. It’s simple to prepare, because you just add water, butter and grated cheese. The GF mix is already at Walmart stores nationwide.

We baked a batch to sample the goods. Here’s what we thought,

Our Review

OK, a fresh-from-the-oven biscuit is pretty much always good. The gluten-free Red Lobster biscuits are no exception: They’re tender and absolutely packed with cheddar flavor. A touch of melted butter drizzled over the top added moisture, a crucial consideration for gluten-free baked goods, which can be a little dry. Some tasters found them crumblier than the gluten-containing versions, but not in a deal-breaker way.

Editor’s Tip: Make biscuits and other gluten-free baked goods a little smaller than you might make a wheat version. They’ll be less delicate and prone to crumbling or breaking. Find more gluten-free baking secrets here.

In short, our editors found the biscuits delicious, even those who don’t follow a gluten-free diet. That makes the biscuit mix a great choice for families with both gluten-avoiders and wheat-eaters, since everyone will enjoy them.

Should everyone eat gluten-free? The answer might surprise you.

Will the Biscuits Be in Restaurants?

When Red Lobster announced the mix on Twitter, fans were excited—and immediately wondered if they could expect to try the biscuits in restaurants. Sadly, there’s no plan yet to offer a gluten-free biscuit basket to diners. (The restaurant does offer other allergy-friendly menu options, however.) Home bakers enjoy exclusive access to the gluten-free mix. Next, learn how to make authentic Red Lobster cheddar bay biscuits at home.

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